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Anorexia yoyo

Eating has gone beyond our primal instinct to survive – more often than not it’s a feel-good fix. Most of the time it’s difficult to say no to steak, pasta, cakes, and all the sinful goodness, but it’s a bummer just the same to spend hours in front of your closet wondering what wear – not on what will look good but mostly what will fit. It’s depressing to know that you can’t fit into your old jean size, and so you resort to crash diets, you scour the Web for the fastest slimming solution, but get frustrated later on that you already doubled the weight that you just lost on those expensive fixes and the months you’ve abstained from good food. You abstain now, but give in to the temptation later on. This vicious cycle, otherwise known as Yo-yo dieting, is a common problem, understandably so that with a fast paced world out there, time for exercise can actually become a luxury – and self-deprivation does rear its ugly head most of the time.

Studies have shown that Yo-yo dieting is not only a bad weight loss condition, but reported findings include lower immune systems which precludes high risks of cancer, heart problems, high blood pressure, and liver damage. As published in Clinical Cardiology, women who Yo-yo dieted for more than five times in their lifetimes damaged their heart and livers during the process.

Being overweight has so many drawbacks not only from the aesthetic viewpoint but also on the medical front. A lot of illnesses and diseases are associated with being overweight and living a sedentary lifestyle, and studies too have concluded, that obesity removes 9 years in a lifetime. But on the other hand, effective and long term weight loss means avoiding quick fixes and instant gratification. There are more effective ways to trim down the excess poundage. Age is no longer a consideration since these days weight loss is possible even if you’re 70. It’s all about adopting an open mind and a healthy mindset that there are ways you haven’t explored yet to finally bid sayonara to those excess stones for good.

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