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Regular physical activity is a must for a healthy weight loss and weight gain prevention.  According to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, decrease in caloric intake can never be a successful step to a healthy weight loss without the presence of regular energy expenditure through exercise.

You may be wondering which physical activity will give you the most energy expenditure resulting into a faster weight loss regimen.  If you are interested to find out, then the best option is to read on.

Moderate physical activities that can give you an energy expenditure of  330 to 370 calories per hour include hiking, light gardening and yard cleaning, dancing practices and golf.  However, activities such as strolling in the park, light weight lifting and stretching can only burn to as much as 180 to 280 calories per hour only.

If you want to engage into vigorous physical activity to lose more weight, then consider having one of the following exercises: running, bicycling and swimming (510 to 590 calories per hour); chopping wood, brisk walking ,aerobics , heavy weight lifting and vigorous basketball (440 to 480 calories per hour).

However there are certain precautions in using regular physical activities.  Diabetic patients must seek the advice of their health care providers about the intensity of physical activity that can be allowed in their physical condition because of the high tendency of developing severe hypoglycemia with vigorous physical activity in patients taking oral hypoglycemic agents. Patients with cardiac problems must also consult their attending physician first because some physical activities might cause a strain in their ailing heart.  Arthritic patients who are suffering from pain in their weight bearing  joints must also be careful in choosing which physical activity to use for their condition since there are some exercises, particularly those that need the regular use and bends of joints, that can further worsen the already-damaged condition of their weight bearing joints.

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