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Are you tired trying to lose some weight? Do you try to monitor and restrict your caloric intake without apparent weight loss results? Do you ever wonder why it is so easy to gain some weight and yet so hard to shed your excess fats off?

Gaining weight can be multi-factorial, says the Weight -control Information Network. One weight gain factor may be true for one person yet totally untrue for another. Here is a list of the most common factors that contribute to weight gain:

Your habits

Your habits can be the biggest culprit to your weight gain. Do you continually eat without even counting how much calories you have already taken in? Do you tend to sit all day and watch TV instead of being more physically active? You see, taking in more calories than you really need and having less physical activity that your body actually needs to burn stored fats can result in weight gain. To solve your problem, why not take time each day to have more exercise and burn those extra calories you have taken up during the day? Why not avoid those mindless eating sessions and focus on more worthwhile activities? For sure, once you break these bad habits, your extra bulges will also melt away.

Go on and blame your genes

Being overweight or obese tends to run within the family tree. This is the reason why most people think that being fat is an inherited trait. However, one must also consider that family members tend to share the same eating habits, diet, and intensity of physical activity.

Metabolic illness

Some illnesses can actually make you gain weight. Hypothyroidism, the drop in the rate of metabolism due to the decrease in the level of thyroid hormones present, and Cushing’s syndrome, the hormonal disorder that results from increased cortisol level within the body, are some of the most common illness that may result in weight gain. Correcting these ongoing metabolic problems can also help stop weight gain.

Are your medications causing your weight gain problems?

Some medications can actually cause you to gain some weight. Ask your doctor or your pharmacist about the possible side effects of the medications you are currently taking.

Your moods and emotions

Do you often feel depressed? Do you find it soothing to eat something everytime you go into this depressed moods? Feeling blue or excessively happy can actually cause binge eating in some people even when they don’t actually feel hungry. Watch for these extreme moods so that you can also stop yourself from eating more than you actually need.

Changing your lifestyle and physical activity level can actually help you lose some weight. Once you change your habits and practices, you will not only lose weight, you can actually improve your overall health.


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