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What Is Methylcellulose?

Posted by Slimming Pills

Methylcellulose has recently hit the headlines, as it is not only a popular weight loss product prescribed by NHS doctors in the UK to help tackle obesity, but it is also one of the main ingredients of the new Capsiplex Suppressor weight loss supplement.

But the recent press attention has caused more questions than answers, many are wondering what Methylcellulose is as it does not get listed as the main ingredient in Capsiplex.

In reality, there are two Capsiplex weight loss supplements: Capsiplex, and Capsiplex Suppressor both from the same company and available at

Capsiplex is a fat burner, which uses Capsicum extract to increase your metabolism, enabling you to burn up around 287 extra calories a day.

Capsiplex Suppressor, which uses Methylcellulose as its main ingredient is an appetite suppressant which helps cut down the urges for both snacking and eating large meals.

So what exactly is Methylcellulose?

Methylcellulose is a type of medicine called a bulking agent. When taken by mouth, it is not absorbed into the bloodstream, but remains in the intestines where it absorbs water. This causes it to swell up and form a gel. This feature of methylcellulose gives it several uses.

It’s main use is in relieving constipation. When you are constipated, the faeces become abnormally dry and hard and are painful and difficult to expell. Methylcellulose absorbs water so it helps to soften the faeces, and as it swells up in the intestines it increases the volume of the intestinal contents. This stimulates the muscular movement of the gut, which helps to move the stools through the intestines. The full laxative effect may take a few days to develop.

Since methylcellulose absorbs water in the gut, it can also be used to treat simple diarrhoea. It absorbs excess water, which decreases the frequency and increases the firmness of watery stools. This is of use in people with ulcerative colitis or diverticular disease.

With it’s ability to treat constipation and diarrhoea, methylcellulose is also used to control the consistency of faeces in people with a colostomy or ileostomy.

Methylcellulose is also used to reduce appetite in obese people who are trying to lose weight. It is taken half an hour before each meal and when hunger pangs are severe. As it swells in the gut it gives a feeling of fullness that helps reduce food intake.

Looking at the ingredients found in Capsiplex Suppressor, you are not only getting Methylcellulose but a range of other ingredients which together are clinically proven to help cut your appetite and therefore aid weight loss. Combined with Capsiplex you could dramatically increase your chances of shedding unwanted pounds.

Click here for more information about Capsiplex and its use of Methylcellulose.

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2 Customer Reviews of “What Is Methylcellulose?”

Review by Seb, May 16, 2011

Just thought you might be interested to know, that I was prescribed Methylcellulose in September 2010, for irritable bowel.
Works great for that, but obviously im here about the weight loss properties. While it wasn’t prescribed for weight loss, that it seems has just been a happy side effect. Since then, I have lost 4 and a half stone. I didn’t even know this stuff was used for weight loss.
Havn’t felt this healthy in years.

Review by sarah, July 4, 2011

hi have just been put on methylcellulose for weightloss on week 1 now going ok after reading your weight loss it gives me hope to do well myself

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