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Treatments for Obesity

Posted by Jocelyn


66% of the American population is considered to be overweight or obese. And with the fast-rising trend of obesity not only in the United States but also across the globe, the complications associated with it also increase significantly.

Many patients are quite clueless about how to treat obesity healthily and properly.  Because of this, most of them resort to fad diets only to regain their lost weight few months after stopping their diet. Some patients even develop dangerous health conditions associated with abrupt weight loss and near starvation diets.  Thus, there is one question that rings within the minds of most overweight and obese people: “What are the healthy and safe treatments for obesity?”

Healthy well-balanced diet. A healthy well-balanced diet is the cornerstone of a healthy weight loss. According to the  Weight-Control Information Network, poor diet results in obesity and  undernourishment.   And so, by eating the right foods, you can achieve healthy weight loss. So, what are the tips for healthy weight loss?

  • Never skip your breakfast. Do you know that people who take time to plan, sit and eat their breakfasts are less likely to binge eat later in the day? With a well-planned meal, taking a healthy amount of calories and other nutrients can be achieved.
  • Eat more whole grains. Whole grains contains large amounts of fibers. Dietary fibers give bulk to the food you eat, making you fee full faster even with a lesser amount of caloric intake.
  • Eat a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables all throughout the day. Different colors of fruits and vegetables can offer you different nutrients you can never get elsewhere.
  • Use a little of the healthy oils. Healthy oils include olive oil, canola oil and peanut oil are healthy oils. And don’t forget to eat fish since this food contains lots of omega-3 fatty acid which is heart-friendly.
  • Limit the intake of your sweet and sugary foods. Sweet and sugary foods contains so much calories. Unused calories are only converted to stored fats and make you gain weight.
  • Eat only healthy snacks. Choose a fruit over sweet baked treats, drink water instead of a can of regular soda.  This way, you can cut your added caloric intake.

Be physically active. Having a regular physical activity is another cornerstone for healthy weight loss. Through exercise, more calories in the form of stored fat can be burned resulting in weight loss. And do you know that even a modest amount of physical activity can already improve your overall physical health? Try incorporating some regular exercise into your lifestyle and start reaping the endless benefits it can bring into your health.

Behavior Modification. Behavioral problems, most particularly depression can cause a patient to go binge eating. In a study published by Biological Psychiatry in August 2003, it has been shown that 65% of depressed patients are obese thus confirming the relationship between depression and obesity. By treating depression and its symptoms, obesity becomes more manageable.

Weight Loss Drugs. Weight loss drugs can be a complimentary therapy for those patients having a hard time losing weight. There are so many over-the-counter weight loss medications and prescription medication available in the market today.  However, if you decide taking any of these weight loss drugs, be sure to ask your health care provider first. This way, any possible complications and drug interaction can be avoided.

Bariatric surgery. In extreme and worst cases of obesity, bariatric surgery may be recommended.

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