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Weight loss dieting can be the worst nightmare for many weight reduction enthusiasts. Imagine turning your back from your most favorite foods for the glory of slimming down and looking great. But, do you know that losing weight does not mean drastically cutting down almost all of your calories taken from foods? The US Department of Health and Human Resources states that dieting is more of meal moderation. It is an energy-balanced, nutrient-rich, portion-controlled food intake. However, the US HHS already stresses that there are certain kinds of foods that can cause worst health outcomes in people who want to diet. Here they are:

Salt. According to the US HHS, salt can be considered as the number one worst foods in the unhealthy food category.  Most of the American adults have a daily sodium intake of 3400mg when the healthy limit is only below 2300 mg, which is only equivalent to one teaspoon of salt per day. Canned and preserved foods, and oh, even the usual table shakers, are the number one culprits for this excessive salt intake of the modern age. The prevent this from happening, learn to check the food labels. Never go near those salt shakers. Keeping salt intake to the minimum can be beneficial for your health and your weight.

Fat. Who can resist the aroma of a newly grilled steak? But if you begin to think about the loaded fat content of this sinfully delicious food, then you can. According to the US HHS, health conscious people should stay clear from trans-fats (that includes your beef) and foods that contain hydrogenated fats (which may include your sweet treats and pastries). Unhealthy fats such as animal fat and other forms of saturated fats can clog your arteries, giving way to the development of atherosclerosis, the hardening of blood vessel walls due to fatty plaque formation, resulting in the higher risk for heart attack and stroke.

Cholesterol. If you really want to lose weight, learn to get easy with the cholesterol. The HSS guidelines state that the daily cholesterol intake should only be less than 300mg per day to prevent yourself from having heart diseases and other vascular-related complications.

Sweet drinks. Water is still the best drink for the modern age. Energy drinks, sodas and sports drinks are one of the best contributors of  calories in the American diet. To prevent unnecessary caloric intake, turn your back from these drinks.

Alcohol. Learn to consume your alcohol in moderation. Women should only go for a serving of alcoholic drink per day while men may have up to two drinks. Do you know why? According to dietary guidelines, alcohol has seven calories per gram. And take note: this calories are empty calories. This does not sound so good, right?


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