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Once you gain weight, you get upset and attempt to stick on to crash diets and slimming pills that promises magic and overnight slimming. Once exposed to the temptation, you’ll just have to give in and you have all the reasons in the world to justify why defer from the crash diet. It’s unavoidable; the problem is very common, though vicious and in fact very dangerous. Bid your final farewells to excess weight by doing the following:

1.    Choose a diet you can stick on to the rest of your life; it has to be something that you actually enjoy doing for a permanent change of eating. This is a major fallacy in weight loss – lower calorie intake translates into sexier figure. Obviously for thousands (probably millions) of people, this didn’t work. The human mind is programmed somehow to defy the bounds of deprivation. Even health experts overlook the fact that it takes a lot of years and a lot more practice to lose weight by a lower calorie intake and a conscious effort to count calories – and given the high energy output required for each day’s demands, surely we’ll need more of it to function properly.

2.    The sooner you lose weight, the more you’ll put in weight afterwards. Our internal systems don’t adapt well to abrupt and overnight changes. Same goes with weight loss – for it to be permanent, it has to be slow and steady. Bottom line: In long term weight loss, patience is a virtue.

3.    Find and maintain a support group. It’s easy to source inspiration from good friends or acquaintances who noticeably lost weight and kept it that way for years – especially so when you’ve seen them fatter and bigger for such a long time. In the same manner, it’s an additional feel-good bonus that you have inspired people to start losing weight because you made it work yourself – and now you look so good comparing to the fatter you years back.

4.     Create a diversion for binge/emotional eating. For some it can be a sparring match, or a round of your favourite internet game, or postpone your snacking, or gulp gallons of water if you must – just stay away from seeking emotional comfort from food. Tell yourself that you are the master of your cravings and it should not overpower you.

5.    Measure yourself daily. Have a weighing scale near you and conspicuously place it in the bathroom just in time for your morning ritual. Place your old jeans beside it; usually, measuring yourself in terms of inches rather than by pounds is more accurate and motivating.

6.    Whatever or however you eat, physical activity must be your top priority. It’s the only way to shed a significant number of poundage, and nothing else. You don’t need to run for hours, daily 20-30minute walks before breakfast are enough.

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