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ScienceDaily— Though the study focused on men, another important development in medical science has been found noting that sensitivity to fat can indeed cause obesity and weight gain.

Obesity is a recurring problem not only in the UK and US but in major parts of the world, mostly in developed nations. Over consumption of excessive fatty foods are the obvious causes. If a person has a limited ability to taste the fat and react to it will cause overeating. If overeating is not balanced by exercise, weight gain strikes and obesity begins.

Prof. Christine Feinle-Bisset, from the University of Adelaide, Australia, led a study which asked lean men and obese men to sip drinks with small amounts of fat – and later determine if they could taste the fat. Researchers also had to measure blood levels of hormone released from the gut when fat is taken in. Study authors found out that obesity was indeed linked to a reduced ability to sense fat which in turn inhibits the release of the gut hormone which suppresses the appetite. Results of this study were just as important to determine why some overweight and obese individuals eat more of high-fat diets compared to leaner individuals.

Though study authors disclaim that ”It has not been established whether reduced responsiveness to fat or the limited gut hormone release directly causes over-consumption of fat, or whether high fat content impairs both. To investigate further, the team is conducting another study to establish whether a high fat diet can produce the same effects to leaner individuals over a given period of time, and whether it is the delayed or limited response to fat that causes overconsumption of a fatty diet.

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