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You’re right. Weight does matter when it comes to the health risks associated with obesity.  But, do you know that the location of body fat distribution also matters when it comes with dealing with fat-related health problems?

Normally, women has more fat located in their pelvic areas.  This fat distribution gives them this sexy, pear-shaped, curvy body. In men, fat almost become distributed in their bellies and this gives them an apple-shaped appearance when they get fat. However, there are also cases when men becomes pear-shaped and when women becomes apple-shaped, most especially after their menopausal period.

So, what is the significance of body fat distribution and excess fat? According to the Weight-control Information Network, your excess fat is the single, most important, independent factor related to the risk for chronic health problems such as cardiac diseases, stroke, diabetes mellitus 2 and cancer. And if you carry more fat around your waist, meaning you are apple-shaped, the more you are at risk for these health problems.

Is there a cut-off waist line available for you to determine your chances for developing the said complications?

According to the Weight-control Information Network, the cut-off waist line for women 35 inches and for men, the cut off is 40 inches. Any waist line measurement above this cut-off measurement, in most cases,  has a higher risk for chronic health diseases compared to those people with smaller waist line.

And so, to prevent yourself from having a higher chance of developing health complications, watch your waist line.

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