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Adolescent girls who think they are overweight are far more emotionally troubled than those who are obese and actually know it. They are more likely exposed to depression than those in the overweight and obese category who acknowledges that fact.

This is what Penn State sociologists have gathered which directly dissents the usual public perception that obese and overweight daughters are more likely to be mentally unhealthy.

Turns out that daughters with a healthier weight but perceives it otherwise are in for more trouble, according to the findings analyzed by sociology graduate student Jason Houle. Findings of which are published in the Journal of Health and Social Behavior.

Depressive symptoms are more difficult to treat than obesity or overweight alone as this condition alone can develop into an unstable mental health.

“When adolescents are in a healthier weight but thinks otherwise, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they feel good and normal about it,” says Michelle Frisco, sociology and demography professor.

Though with teenage boys, it’s a totally different case. Similar patterns exist with teenage boys though underweight boys are in for more emotional troubles with depressive symptoms.

Society has long associated beauty with thinness that even most celebrities go overboard – thinking that skin and bones are still categorized as “beautiful”. Instead of focusing on the health benefits of being lean, it was always about the measure and the scale.

The study authors however point out that, given the good emotional and mental health an adolescent obese may have, this will never translate to a recommendation that it’s okay to stay obese for the rest of their lives. Associated health risks of obesity and weight gain are numerous – from diabetes, to coronary heart diseases, to pregnancy complications and preterm delivery, apart from the negative public perception and social consequences an obese or an overweight person will have to endure.

Ergo, the need to lose weight cannot be overemphasized.

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