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Do you ever wonder why you always tend to fall back to your usual ways after being in an extensive weight loss diet after quite some time? Do you think sticking to a healthy diet and an active lifestyles can solve all your cravings? Do you ever wish there is some kind of drug that can help you overcome your inner desires to eat and chew more?

Yes, it’s true. Pharmacological management for the treatment of obesity is only one of the main points that can potentially lead to successful weight loss.

You may have heard it all. Diet, regular physical activity, and the ability to stick to your weight loss regimen are the main cornerstones of effective weight reduction. But there is one problem with this: What if, you often times give in to cravings because you just can’t  resist the dictates of your own brain? You see, gaining weight is not merely taking in increased amounts of calories. For most overweight and obese individuals, gaining weight is the end result of continuous indulgence to one’s  inner desire. Thus, merely stopping or reducing your intake can never suppress your deepest cravings.

The two drugs naltrexone and bupropion are two separate medications approved for more than twenty years. Bupropion is an antidepressant popular for its positive effect in smoking cessation. On the other hand, naltrexone is a drug used to control the addiction of alcoholics and opioid users.

According to the experts who studied this combination and published their work in the June 2011 issue of Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy, the naltrexone plus bupropion combination has presented new key concepts in the understanding of how the body uses up calories to regulate its own weight. The effects of this new drug combination is simply quite unique and its effect to the brain and the body’s metabolism can never be compared to the other weight loss drugs manufactured ahead of this weight reduction pill.

According to Orexigen, the manufacturer of this drug combination under investigation, naltrexone plus bupropion combination has unique effect to the central nervous system that results in the effective initiation of weight loss causing decreased appetite and better energy usage and metabolism. It also causes the body to offset weight loss plateau, a common phenomenon that leads to sustained weight after initial significant weight loss. Another interesting effect of this investigational weight loss pill is its ability to stop food craving, a common problem among patients who are on a diet.

Naltrexone plus bupropion combination may be in question regarding its safety and efficacy in the overweight and the obese population who may also have concomitant cardiovascular and hypertensive problems. Nevertheless, as the experts explain in the said study mentioned earlier, safety and tolerability issues appear to be manageable in the clinical setting and that the usual effects are well-documented and consistent.  However, long-term outcomes of continued use of this medication is still questioned by the US Food and Drug Administration.


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