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Do you ever wonder if there are certain long term side effects in using the commercial diets for losing weight? Are they as safe as they formulators claim them to be?  Do you want to know the possible long term side effects of using these diet regimens?

It is estimated that two out of five women and one in six men in the United Kingdom are into some kind of diet regimen to attain weight loss results, according to a study published by the Nutrition Journal in September 2008.  As a consequence, the slimming industry becomes a very lucrative and booming business.  Some of these marketed diet plans do have some scientific basis while many may have only a little or no scientific basis at all. These unfounded diet claims pave the way to the development of the still-unknown possible long term side effects.

With these possible long term commercial diet effects in mind,  researchers and health experts from the United Kingdom and Australia came together to conduct a scientific study that can possibly bare the long term side effect of these new-generation commercial diet regimen. They recruited 293 adults with a mean age of forty and a mean basal metabolic index of 31 to participate and follow one of the four most popular commercial diet plans in the market today. They were then observed for a period of more than two months and their activities were monitored accordingly.

The results? The researchers of this study discovered that patients who followed these commercial diet regimens are in greater risk of developing micronutritional deficiencies in folate, iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, niacin, riboflavin and selenium.  Among these mentioned micronutritional deficiencies, iron deficiency is the most common. This is particularly true in women of child-bearing age.

As a consequence of this overwhelming research outcome, the researchers of this study recommend that patients who want to embrace these commercial diet regimens must seek the guidance of their health care providers first hand to evaluate the possible risks and the appropriate preventions that need to be applied together with the chosen diet plan.

And so, if you are planning to have one of these commercial diet procedures, why not ask the expert opinion of your physician first? Remember, when it comes to your health and your body, your doctor knows what’s best for you.

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