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Note however that this is not your end-all magic cure to lose weight. It’s just the perfect sports drink that Nature can provide.

Coconut water is a staple in the Tropics and it’ has recently grabbed the attention of sports enthusiasts and athletes around the world as a perfect and cheaper alternative to artificial sports drink – sending the West’s soft drink industry into a frenzy.

This coconut water is not the thick white milk coming from a mature coconut but it’s the clear watery juice of a young coconut. Surprisingly, it’s a lot more refreshing, it’s naturally sweet, and it’s a powerful antioxidant with 10times more antioxidants than your regular artificial sports drink. It also replenishes lost electrolytes more after a high-impact workout. It doesn’t contain any artificial sugar or coloring that most sports drinks have – the extra sugar being one of the major culprits of weight gain.

But how can it be used for weight loss? This drink as provided by Nature can indeed improve your metabolism without the negative effects of extra sugar. It cleanses the kidney (this is why it’s a natural treatment for urinary tract infections), boosts the immune system, and you are provided extra energy. You are sure to lose weight if you drink this after a heavy workout since it replenishes your lost electrolytes faster than water or any other drink.

How can you be sure it’s safe? Coconut water has been used as an intravenous fluid because the composition of which is similar to human blood plasma. It is the only natural substance that can be directly injected into the blood stream. It’s also an excellent source of calcium where it has about 15 times more potassium than any other sports drink.

Are there any side effects? Apart from the fact that it’s a great weight loss secret, there is no reported side effect primarily because it comes from a natural source. It’s also a good detox drink to get rid of all the junk consumed during the week, and with the extra energy provided by the improved metabolism, you are on your way to a quicker weight loss if you drink this after an intense workout.

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