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Admit it or not, being obese is way too difficult to handle. How many times have you gone to the clothes section of the department store, found a cool outfit and realize later on that it doesn’t really look so good on you with all of your tummy bulges? Have you experienced seeing nice-looking shirts and realizing that larger-sized stocks are not available for your size? Have you tried going inside a room-full of people and finding yourself being the biggest person in the crowd? You see, it doesn’t always need to be that way for the rest of your life. You can still lose weight and be healthy and fit just the way you wish it to be.

The US Department of Health and Human Services released a new set of guidelines and can make dieting as easy as A-B-C. Here are the HHS’ tips for a healthier, more physically fit weight:

  • Remember to eat less even if you want the food so much. One of the best keys for better weight is having a better grip of your self-control and self-discipline when it comes to food. Most people, if not all, have a hard time resisting excessive food intake when served with their most favorite foods.  Yes, its true. Its hard to control yourself when you really want the food, but if it means you will look healthier, sexier and more physically attractive, won’t you give it a try?
  • Always go for a smaller serving. When you go to a resto and eat out, never order a large serving. The larger your serving is, the more your chances to eat more. Learn to eat a small serving and be satisfied in it. In time, your stomach will also learn and feel full even with a smaller meal.
  • Want to have a more stomach-satisfying meal? Eat a half plate-full of fruits and vegetables! Now, listen to this BIG advice because this is the key to have a satisfied stomach while having your weight loss diet. High fibers found in fruits and vegetables can help you feel satisfied even with a less-calorie containing meal. Who wouldn’t want to feel satisfied and lose weight at the same time? The fuller you feel with each of your meals, the lesser your temptation is to snack unhealthy, calorie-loaded foods.
  • Drink your low-fat milk regularly. Milk is important to a person’s diet. However, drinking a regular milk can give you additional calories you really don’t need. And so, the solution for this is to choose low-fat milk over the regular milk to cut your caloric intake.
  • Choose low sodium foods. In this age and time, meal preparation is only a breeze. Open a can, put it on a serving plate, and voila! You have already prepared a meal. However, this type of food preparation can also be health hazardous. Most prepared foods contain a lot of sodium – a culprit to hypertension and atherosclerosis. To prevent chronic diseases from knocking on your front door, why not choose low-sodium containing foods instead of the regular foods?
  • Drink water instead of other drinks. Believe it or not, most drinks have calories – much more calories than you can possibly expect. Drinking a regular can of soda can give you around 200 calories. What if you drink 4-5 cans of regular soda per day? that means you are already taking in an extra 1000 calories just from your drinks alone! To prevent this from happening, drink your water. It is a zero-calorie, refreshing and healthy drink your body needs.

Being healthy and fit is still possible no matter how obese you are today. All it needs a little more push and a lot more effort to make your ideal weight a reality. But if others were able to fight the battle against obesity and won, then you can do it too. Don’t be afraid to take your first step to a healthier weight because it is a journey worth taking.

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