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obese sex life

A new study in France has found out the following:

– Obesity means reduced sexual activity and poor sexual health.
– Unplanned pregnancies among the obese are four times higher than those of normal weight women even if the obese has fewer sexual partners – because of lack of counseling, and because a lot of doctors don’t pay too much attention on sex life and weight.
– Obese men have greater odds of impotence and have higher risks of contracting STD.
– Obesity spurs low self esteem social stigmatization and they are more likely to choose sexual partners in the internet, and were more likely to watch pornography. They prefer their partners to be obese as well. They are more comfortable searching the internet rather than meeting them through friends, or networks, or in different social organizations because of low self esteem and social stigma.

Dr. Sandy Goldbeck-Wood, associate expert in psychosexual medicine at the Camden and Islington Mental Health Trust in the U.K. says that there is a need to further qualitative studies on what drives obese people to behave as such – that answers are more likely to be complex given the differing psychological, social, and biological aspects surrounding the attitude.

It was also recommended that doctors must hone the skill, sensitivity, and courage to ask their patients about their weight and their sex lives because obese women have different contraceptive needs which are most of the time complex. Most doctors don’t pay too much attention on the sexuality of the obese and often assume that because they are obese, they fall into the misconception that obese people don’t have a sex life.

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