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Accept it or not, your cravings for food is greatly controlled by your moods and emotion for the day. When problems or stress comes along your way, you often turn to food to give you the comfort you cannot find elsewhere. Although food can sometimes keeps you mentally stabilized to focus on your ongoing problem, continuous eating in response to continued stress may give you multiple health problems associated with increased caloric intake.  Because of this strong link between emotions and food cravings, your weight loss efforts can sometimes become sabotaged.

What are the usual causes of emotionally-induced binge-eating?

In our modern world, there are so many causes of stress. This may be due to financial difficulties, work -related stress such as deadlines at work, unemployment and conflicts in relationships. Many people find it easier to skip their meals or eat less during increased stress. However, there are also those that can make food as a distraction to their ongoing problem. In fact, as mentioned by the, your food cravings and eating habits may sometimes get tied up with your emotional disposition.

And so, the question is this: How can you stop emotionally induced craving for food? Is there a way to get away with stress-induced binge-eating?

Get a good grip at your stress. Since stress may be the greatest key that can unlock your binge-eating behavior, taming your stressor may be a good idea to start with. Try using stress management technique. Engage in yoga, relaxation sessions and meditations. The more you learn to calm yourself, the better you will be able to take control of your emotions.

Ask yourself this question: “I am really hungry?”. Asking this question can give yourself a hunger reality check. Differentiate whether the hunger you are feeling is because of emotion or because of real physical hunger. If you have eaten only a couple of hours ago and you are having that hungry feeling again, chances are, you are only stressed. Having a grumbling stomach is one of the best indicators of an honest-to-goodness physical hunger you need to pacify by eating a regular meal.

Learn to keep a food diary. Keeping a food diary can bring you back to reality. Writing down what you ate and how much of ate can give you some reality check you can never have elsewhere. As your list of foods grow within your food diary, you will be able to see the pattern and the triggering factors that lead you to increased food intake and possibly binge-eating.

Have a good emotional support. People who do not have good emotional support end up having binge-eating sessions just to release their stress.  However, having a family member or some close friends around can be a good emotional support that can prevent overeating and binge-eating. But, if there is not much support you can get from your friends or family, why not join a support group that can help you overcome your stress-related cravings?

Keep yourself from getting bored. If boredom is truly your key to binge-eating, then learn to distract yourself. Reading, watching a movie, playing with your pets, taking a walk with your kids can be a good diversion that can distract your cravings for food.

Do not bring home any food temptations. Keeping comfort foods inside your fridge and your pantry can never do you any good.  And so, to prevent yourself from having something to munch and eat, remove all the temptations you have inside your house.

Never, ever try depriving or starving yourself. Skipping meals can only make you eat more in your next meal. And so, prevent this from happening, never, ever try skipping your regular meals.

Only snack on healthy foods. Never eat junks and other forms of empty calories during snacks. Instead, grab some fresh fruits and crispy veggies to melt away the cravings.

Have enough sleep. People who sleep less feel more stress resulting in food cravings. To prevent this from happening, try to take a nap on your extra time. Go to bed an hour earlier than you usually do.  The more you have a restful sleep, the lesser your stressful feelings will become, resulting in lesser tendency to crave for food.

Seek professional help. Tried doing all the mentioned tricks without apparent success? Why not seek the help of a professional mental health provider? The more you get aware with all the stressors you have and how to cope with them, the more you can control your cravings.

Learn to forgive yourself. Failed to succeed with your cravings today? Forgive yourself and start fresh tomorrow. You should never dwell in the past. But looking into a brighter future can really give you that positive motivation to carry on with your weight loss plans.

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