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There are people who are engaged in the business of taking out clients for lunch, or in a constant lunch or dinner meetings, as there are industries which line of work requires dining out. Now that you have firmly resolved to lose weight and eat less, it’s really difficult to stick on your diet when your work requires you to eat out. Below are the most effective tips to lose weight even if you will have to eat out.

1. Set a mantra every morning as soon as you wake up. It’s important to make your subconscious remind you that you have to give up some calories in order to stick to a weight loss regime. The more you remember, the more you can stay away from food temptation.

2. Be conscious of calorie intake in a formal dining set-up. There are some work-related lunches or dinners which can allow you not to eat anything; but if you must, it’s acceptable not to finish the whole serving. You can even ask the waiter to serve you just half of their regular serving for bread, butter and soup. Instead of butter, request for olive oil instead.

3. Request to take away the extras. That’s an additional calorie count – the fries, the extra servings of salad dressings, whipped cream on desserts, even that after dinner or after coffee mints. You can live without them.

4. Since you’re at it, it’s perfectly and socially acceptable to skip the courses and ask the waiter to just serve you the starter course and not the main course.

If you really can’t help it (because most formal dining restaurants really do serve great gourmet food!), just make sure that you burn it all up the next day before breakfast by doing a high impact exercise – a 2-mile run is usually enough to burn 3,000+ calories consumed the previous day.

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