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The summer has finally arrived! Want to show-off a bulge-free body and a slim figure this summer? Want to overcome the possible overeating session during backyard barbecue gatherings?

Summer is a great time to have beach parties, road trips and garden-themed gatherings. But with much socializing during this season comes bountiful servings of food. Here are some tips and can help you prevent gaining weight this summer season:

  • Stay away from responsibilities that call for food preparations. Having a beach party? Get involved with all of the activities except food preparation! You know why? The sight of food can make you munch and munch a little at a time. And in the end, you won’t even notice that you have already overfed yourself. Can’t get away from food preparation responsibilities? If there is really no one else who can do the job then do it. However, try to remind yourself from time to time not to put too much of the good food inside your mouth. Ask someone else to taste the food you are cooking instead of yourself. The lesser your chance of tasting the food you are preparing, the more you can overcome the temptation of eating and over-stuffing yourself.
  • Try spreading out your caloric intake during the week. If you think you will eat a lot more calories on your party next week, try to eat the healthiest low-caloric portions of food this week. Eat lots of veggies and fruits instead of fatty meals. This way, you can compensate for your upcoming “sin” next week.
  • Say a polite “no” to unhealthy party snacks. Junks and chips are really a nice way to keep your mouth busy during parties. But this is not good for your caloric counting. To keep yourself from doing this. Try eating fruits and healthy treats instead of junks.
  • Be selective on what you put on your plate. Being in a party does not mean you have to taste everything on the buffet table. Choose only the healthiest dishes to keep yourself from taking in more calories than you actually need. Want to please your host by having a bite of all the dishes served to you? Well then, have a little bite of everything and that’s it. Never go for a second serving.
  • Choose the activity that can help you burn calories. In a party, try choosing the activity that can help you sweat and burn fat. Is this a beach party? Try to get involved in the sports activity. Is everybody dancing the night away? Don’t be a killjoy! You have to dance too! Sitting will never help you burn those stored fats but getting involved in the fun does. So, why not join in the fun?
  • Remember to stick to your diet in food trips. Having a road trip and a food trip at the same time? Have fun but try to do it right. Having a food trip does not mean you can eat all the fatty foods in the world. Why not eat veggies and fruits first until you feel a little full then try eating other dishes? This way, you can have a better control of your appetite and prevent yourself from pigging out.


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