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hot and cold bath

Seems far-fetched? Believe it, since hot and cold baths can indeed improve a lot of things in the body that you may not know about – improved energy from the detoxification and increased circulation, plus the eliminating of negative energy. And once your energy level improves, the faster you can lose weight.

Here’s how it works. Since most of us are accustomed to warm showers, try something else. Start with a hot water blast for 3 minutes, then alternate it with a cold shower after. Shower with hot water first (hot, not boiling or scalding hot), then rinse off with cold water. The whole idea may seem intimidating for those living in the coldest regions, but it won’t be so bad after hearing about its health benefits. The water temperatures have to be extreme for the health benefits to work. It’s a good remedy to clear all the dump – the toxins inside the body, the stress, and all the negative energy.

But how does it work? The extreme temperatures make your muscles contract and expand which provides for the detoxification of toxin traces. Once the toxins are squeezed out by this muscle contraction, your circulation is improved, and the benefits start working. One can never underestimate the advantages of a body being cleared from all the toxins, filth, and clumps, which primarily accounts for a lot of cancers, tumors, and infections that the body may sometimes feel overwhelmed to remove.

Once you are detoxified and your circulation is greatly improved, losing weight will now be a lot easier. Since your cells and organs are working at their optimum levels, all cleared from the filth, fat is burned faster, and carbohydrates are easier metabolized for more energy instead of getting accumulated over time as excess fat. It won’t be too difficult now to exercise or to at least increase your physical activity for a faster weight loss campaign.

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