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HCG Drops Weight Loss Diet

Posted by Slimming Pills

HCG Drops are the latest weight loss trend hitting the USA, with promotions promising up to 1 lbs of weight loss a day! We thought we would look into this to see if this new trend works or if it is another fad you should stay away from.

Firstly What Is HCG?

HCG also known as Human Chorionic Gonadotropin is a hormone made by the placenta during pregnancy. In a study made in the 1960’s, a british endocrinologist named Albert T.W Semeons’ found that injecting HCG in overweight patients, combined with a 500 calorie a day diet resulted in rapid fat loss.

How Does The HCG diet work?

There are currently two HCG diets around:

Injection of HCG combined with an ultra low 500 calories a day diet .

Drops containing synthetic or homeopathic HCG combined with an ultra low 500 calories a day diet

The with both diets is that the HCG drops or injection combined with a massive calorie deficit enables the body to lose fat rather than lean muscle, enabling the user to experience fast weight loss.

Are injected HCG diets effective?

There has been a lot of controversy around HCG diets from the medical community.

The Journal of the American Medical Association and the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition have denounced that taking HCG injections is neither safe nor effective in the treatment of obesity. Although studies have found that injecting HCG can be helpful in helping older men with androgen deficiency, there is no evidence that injected HCG is effective in the treatment against obesity.

Are Homeopathic/Synthetic HCG drops effective?

The controversy doesn’t end there. According to Elizabeth Miller, FDA’s leader for the Internet and health fraud team, “There is no evidence the oral over-the-counter HCG products are effective for weight loss”.

What they have found is that many oral HCG products either contain unknown amounts of synthetic HCG hormone, claim to be homeophathic (but are not recognised as such) or simply contain natural ingredients which help suppress appetite.

On top of this, there is no research backing up the claim that taking HCG orally actually does any effect. According to an expert in the supplements industry: “Because HCG is a peptide hormone, it would be broken down by the stomach and rendered ineffective”.

So, the 500 calories a day diet will produce a high calorie deficit and provide weight loss, but that the HCG part is either not included in the product, or would be rendered ineffective by taking it orally.

The Verdict

Unfortunately it appears that the HCG diet is more fad than reality. Whether you are looking at taking injected HCG or HCG drops, you might very well lose weight due to the potentially harmful 500 calories a day diet, but the HCG part is unlikely to help with your weight loss.

Our advice would be to stay away, and opt for tried and tested weight loss supplements, which are proven to work.

An alternative you might want to consider are LDD Liquid Diet Drops. These work with a strict 500 calories a day diet and with natural drops which help curb hunger for fast weight loss. You can find our review here.

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One Customer Review of “HCG Drops Weight Loss Diet”

Review by Jacqueline, February 23, 2012

I just want to add an experienced completely independent voice to this forum. I completed a homeopathic HCG diet 2 years ago and would recommend that anyone reading this section do more research than is presented here. I did the detox with a coach, which I do think was helpful. The key point I would like to make is that this review demonstrates no real understanding of the process. One of the key points is that the hcg (happy hormone of pregnancy) works in a very special way which means that your body does not loose important structural fat, but the 500 / day calorie diet does not feel limiting physically (perhaps to the taste buds) because the body is using non-essential fats to add to the calorific total.
I would say the key thing about the homeopathic hcg diet is that you need to be very clear about your intention. This is not a diet to cheat on – because fundamentally, you are working WITH your body’s natural mechanisms to create a new balance. An essential part of this is that you do not introduce certain substances into your system – fat and sugar, during the first phase. You CANNOT fool your body. This really is a miracle weight loss programme, but you need to be committed to understanding the process and committing to it. You will develop an understanding about what your unique body thrives on and what it doesn’t like and these are precious gifts that will help you to stabilse at a new lower weight. Your body has an amazing intelligence and the homeopathic hcg and programme of eating will help you unveil this and understand what your physical being needs.
Don’t embark on this programme without understanding and commitment – but if you have these in place ………… the programme is priceless.

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