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When food intake stops, our body’s metabolism to generate fats and cholesterol stops too – according to a study conducted by the Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators. This power enzyme is called SIRT1, classified under a group of enzymes called sirtuins, which limits the activity of SREBPs responsible for controlling our synthesis on the handling of cholesterol and fats.

This new finding is considered to be an important breakthrough considering that it can pave the way for treating cholesterol related conditions, not to mention obesity and weight gain problems. It can also lead to a development of a drug which can shut down the body’s fat generation mechanism and utilize all the stored fat instead.

“SIRT1 has been established to perform as an energy sensor to utilize stored fat in the body in the face of starvation, though it cannot be established as of yet how this directly affects the shutdown of fat and cholesterol synthesis”, notes lead researcher Amy Walker, PhD, of the MGH Cancer Center. “This only points out that SIRT1 is the primary enzyme responsible for the physiological aspect on how the body synthesizes stored fat and its conversion into fuel.”

The body needs normal levels of cholesterol and fat as these are still essential to life, though in excess it can translate into weight gain, obesity, heart diseases, and sometimes diabetes. Once the body is starved for a while, it shuts down the production and continuous storage of new fat and relies on stored fat for energy reserve. Fasting can turn off the functions of SREBP proteins responsible for fat synthesis.

Though the study focused on animal models such as mice, worms, and fruit flies, it was also established in human cells that an increased sirtuin function can limit SREBP fat synthesis as it greatly reduced stored fat levels in the liver.

Indeed a breakthrough study which tells us that to burn all the stored fat, dieting and fasting in moderation is the key. Not only that it will pave the way for treatment or prevention of atherosclerosis and type 2 diabetes, but it can also help as much with weight loss efforts and a treatment program for obesity.

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