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fad diets

Health experts have warned young women that conformity to fad diets bring them to further trouble. Teenagers relying heavily on fad diet plans do not necessarily get all the nutrients they need for growth into adulthood.

Experts reviewed about 110 different diet schemes and have researched how British young women eat these days, and have discovered that an alarmingly large number is not getting the right nutrition vital for a healthy adulthood. Crucial vitamins are missed out, and more than half of school aged girls from 11-18 are not getting their recommended nutritional vitamins that will help them in eventual pregnancy and later adulthood.

The numbers are quite disconcerting. More than 50% are not getting enough iron which helps them evade the risks of iron-deficiency anemia, and abnormal fetal growth in their later pregnancies; 16% are not receiving iodine, and 30% are missing out on potassium. Deficiency in vitamin D and zinc are also reported problems – vitamin D is required for an unborn child’s bone development, and zinc is required for a healthier blood.

Since weight loss is always a recurring concern, from adolescence to late adulthood, diets do not improve even after they reach retirement. It has been reported as well that only a small percentage of women take nutrients as important health considerations, while a larger percentage would rather lose weight and look slim than stay healthy.

In older women, zinc deficiency and a lack of vitamin D was a particular problem. Pregnant women need vitamin D to strengthen their unborn child’s bones and ensure that they are not born underweight.

Even as women approach retirement, their diets do not improve. As women get older, they need more vitamin D to prevent brittle bones but the collective research seems to suggest that only a third of women over 65 are getting their recommended daily allowance.

This study has been conducted from the Manchester Metropolitan University after being commissioned by the Health Supplements Information Service, an independent organization concerning primarily on national health. Conclusions have been made that fad diets can be in place as long as proper nutrients are still being received, and fad diets will only be as bad if these important multivitamins are ignored.

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