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It’s not really menopause that is the culprit for weight gain, but the consensus of reduced physical activity and the slowing metabolism as we age. Keeping a sedentary lifestyle of literally no exercise is enough to keep you fat until old age. Studies show that the human body can still take on exercise even as we reach 80. The trick? It’s the constant exercise or increased physical activity before your 50th or 60th birthday. It’s always best to seek a doctor’s advice to ascertain any medical condition that may increase your risk – and this is true if you have a family history of diabetes, heart problems, or bone problems that may hamper you from exercise. Nevertheless, most doctors advise that daily exercise will keep the muscles and bones stronger as we all near the old age. Listed are the most helpful tips to keep the weight down if you are about to near menopause, or even during menopause.

1. Keep a food diary and document your calorie intake every day. As the metabolism decreases with age, it’s very important to consume lesser and be physically active all the more.

2. Try to stay away from too much sweets, salt, and spice. All these are the culprits of weight gain which will be so difficult to shed off during the age of slowed metabolism. If you can’t help it, half of every serving is enough.

3. Jog, walk fast, or run daily before breakfast. You don’t need an hour to do it; a simple 10 minute routine daily is enough.

4. Stretch and exercise daily. Yoga and pilates are enjoyable routines that will make you stick with the exercise regimen. This will make your muscles and bones stronger as you deal with old age, and life is better enjoyed and fulfilled if you don’t have any physical impediment to do the things you can do just now (like hang gliding, surfing, hot air balloon rides, skydiving, etc.)

5. Cut down the carbohydrates and fat. Indulge in oatmeal, a lot of fiber, green leafy vegetables, fruits with high anti-oxidant content (like apples, grapes, berries) and lots of vitamin C and E. Seafood high in omega-3 acids are also highly recommended. Remember that since you need to cut down your carbohydrates (which is the number 1 culprit in menopausal weight loss), compensate with these healthy options.

6. Finally, do not skip a meal. Skipping a meal after age 40 will further slow down your already decreased metabolism, and it’s a surefire way to keep the fat in.

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