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As the society evolving in its views about age, we find that 50 is the new 40 or even 30. But biologically, it is time to reexamine your life and eating habits to make sure that you are leading a healthful and fulfilling life. Healthy diet and lifestyle can boost the immune system, sharpen mental acuity, increase energy levels and help manage chronic health problems better.

If you are over 50, your body may be undergoing menopause and different changes. The demands on the body during this stage are significant. If you are not able to provide it with all the nutrients, there is a good chance of succumbing to illness and other chronic conditions. It is necessary to maintain a balanced and healthy diet to stay strong and well, sexy!

Eating right during menopause and regular exercise are extremely important. Consider the following guidelines to lead a vital lifestyle.

  • Calcium: Women start losing calcium from their bones by the age of 30. Significant losses start after 50. Be sure to consume at least 1200 to 1500 mg of calcium each day. Let you diet have a generous amount of fat free dairy. Along with adequate calcium intake, weight bearing exercise should also be part of your lifestyle.
  • Fiber: A high fiber diet not only helps you feel full faster and longer, it also helps you with chronic disease such as heart conditions and colon irregularities. The daily requirement of fiber for women over 50 is 25 grams per day. Most of this should come from whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables. Fiber helps in lowering cholesterol as well. Focusing on a high fiber diet will help you shift the attention from a concentrated sweet snack.
  • Calories: The calorie requirement drops as you age. If you do not adjust your calorie intake to the lower needs of your body, you can gain weight. You may have maintained a healthy weight all your life, but if you don’t make changes now, it will start to add up causing a weight gain. Even if you are active, your calorie requirement is much lower than when you were in your 30s.

Remember that as you age, the natural hormonal changes in the body make it easier for the body to deposit more fat, especially around the abdomen. Thus, you have to adjust your eating habits and get more physically active to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Your diet should be rich in protein and antioxidants to help fight any illness. This will also help maintain your muscle mass, thus retaining your strength. Eating a diet high in antioxidants will also help you age gracefully.

Be sure to include the following foods in your meal plan to ease the process of aging. These foods are high in essential nutrients and antioxidants.

  • Fish
  • Fruits and Vegetables
  • Whole Grains
  • Legumes
  • Low fat dairy
  • Nuts
  • Water

Adjust your habits to reflect your lifestyle. Watch calories, be active to lead another wonderful 50 years. After all, 50 is the new 30.

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