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Obesity rates in the United States have rapidly increased over the past few years.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one third of the American adults are obese. As a consequence of this ever increasing trend of obesity epidemic, there is also a big demand for weight loss medications.

One of the most popular herbal medications in the market today are chili-based weight loss products. Producers of this type of weight loss supplement claim that chili can cause weight reduction by increasing the metabolism, the process of converting stored fats into usable energy source.  Furthermore, they also claim that chili can decrease the appetite causing an overall reduced caloric intake.

In a study published by The Medical Journal of Australia in 1999, researchers confirmed that chili can truly decrease the appetite. This is due to the fact that chili has capsaicin, a chemical that can effectively stimulate brain cells responsible for the suppression of appetite. This brain cell stimulation can reduce food intake by about 200kcal per day. Furthermore, according to this study, capsaicin can also increase the production of epinephrine, a chemical substance that can stimulate fat metabolism. As mentioned in this study, the only risk in using chili for weight reduction is the short term pain associated with the intake of very spicy foods.

Taking weight loss supplements can surely help you in attaining your ideal weight but it is not the main key for effective weight reduction. Lifestyle modification is still the most important factor needed to trim those excess fats off your belly and keep the pounds off your weighing scale.1310414_green_and_red_chillies_1

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