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ScienceDaily— Olive oil, along with a lot of health benefits, may indeed help you lose more weight especially if you are a breast cancer survivor. A study conducted at the Miriam Hospital has looked closely into this new development.

Weight gain needs to be strictly monitored in breast cancer survivors since even a moderate weight gain during treatment may mean recurrence of cancer. This is significantly true for women in their post-menopausal stages.

To compare the results, the pilot study initiated two diets for women who participated in the study. One was rich in olive oil while the other was a conventional low-fat diet – where after two months, the participants were asked to select a diet of their choice for the next six months for their weight loss regime..

Turns out that about 80% of women who selected the plant-based olive oil diet were more successful in their weight loss campaigns compared to those who chose a conventional low-fat diet. Findings of which are already published in the Journal of Women’s Health. It was also discovered that more women chose the higher fat olive oil diet as it was more affordable, accessible, and more appetizing.

Lead author Mary Flynn, PhD, RD, LDN, notes that a lot of women don’t even realize how a simple weight gain could mean cancer recurrence. She mentions further that these choices after the 2-month observation period were crucial because it’s the kind of diet that women are more likely to stick to without any guilt.

Olive oil is consumed in higher amounts in Spain, Italy and Greece as it has long been linked with decreasing rates of breast cancer. Numerous studies have also pointed out the fact that carotenoids found in red, yellow, and orange fruits and vegetables are potent cancer protectors. Obesity has always been a risk factor for a disease like cancer to recur, but a study recommending a particular diet for weight loss has not been initiated as of yet.

The researchers have developed an olive oil diet with some nuts during breakfast, and at least three tablespoons of olive oil daily. Included were some vegetables, fruits, whole grains, though on fish and poultry, these will have to be limited. Red meat and vegetable oils were strictly prohibited.

“Women have enjoyed the olive oil diet because they lost weight but didn’t feel hungry – all because fat consumption is okay in the form of nuts or olive oil for every meal. With this diet plan, they weren’t likely to snack in between, and this causes weight gain.”

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