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The answer is a resounding YES. A study has been conducted for this purpose which clearly shows that paid dieters are far more likely to lose weight and maintain it than those who are not paid to do it.

Weight Wins has so far paid thousands of pounds to overweight people in a campaign to address the problem of obesity. People will sign up for a pound-for-pound plan where payment comes in for every pound lost, and are even provided cash incentives should they be successful in maintaining such weight loss.

NHS strongly supports this scheme that the former has provided easy access to these paid dieters in terms of assistance from NHS dieticians, even helping them out in their selection of weight loss methods which are the most appropriate and most effective basing from their individual medical histories.

Rewards do vary. The length and the term of the weight loss plan selected define these cash rewards where paid dieters can receive from £80 to £3,000. When University of Hertfordshire independently conducted an audit, it was found out that more than 700 paid dieters have lost 1 stone at the average. A highly unequal comparison to those who are dieting without receiving monetary compensation that the most weight lost is about 51 lb on traditional dieting methods.

The measuring standard used by judges on whether or not a dieting plan is effective is based on at least losing 5% or more of their weight – whilst observing that the paid program has 1 participant losing about 8 stone.

Though many criticisms abound regarding long term effects on national obesity, it has been observed that taxpayers are better off with the weight loss. Costs to treat obesity and obesity-related illnesses are skyrocketing, and it has been projected that in 20 years or more obesity could disable the NHS.

The Department of Health has been presented with strategies that to effectively address the problem of obesity, monetary incentives must be introduced. The US has already put in similar strategies and a lot of private companies are already offering monetary rewards for employees successful in their weight loss campaigns. The DoH, however, says that the scheme will need more conclusive evidence before the nation could implement such financial rewards just to motivate and to nationalize weight loss campaigns.

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