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Let’s face it. Two-thirds of the American population are overweight or obese.  Do you ever wonder how this happened? Do you want to know the root causes of increased weight? According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, overweight and obesity is a multi-factorial problem. It is a complex issue that is very hard to address and solve, not only to the person who is having the health problem, but also to the health provider who is finding ways to solve this problem.

So, what are the root causes of overweight and obesity?

  1. Caloric imbalance.  Caloric imbalance is the most common cause of overweight and obesity, not only in the United States, but also in the populations anywhere in the world. So, what is caloric imbalance? Caloric imbalance is the term used to describe the disproportionate intake of calories to the burning of calories.  Imagine calories to be a scale. One side of the scale is the caloric intake. Almost anything that you ingest has calories. This may be in form of food or drinks. The other side of the scale is the physical activity.  This is how you burn the calories you take in. If you want to balance to occur in your caloric scale, the amount of calories you take in must be almost the same with the amount of calories you burn. If you want to gain weight, what do you need to do?  Just increase the amount of calories you take in and decrease the amount of calories you burn.  But if you want to lose weight? Decrease your caloric intake and increase the intensity of your physical exercise to burn more calories.
  2. Your environment. Believe it or not, your environment plays a big role in the development of obesity. Does your home or your workplace encourage exercise and mobility? Does your environment expose you to fattening hazards such as junks and fatty foods? Do your friends and co-workers like to engage in food trips and drinking sessions? You see, having an atmosphere that encourages increase food intake and decreased physical activity puts you in danger of gaining weight.
  3. Your genes.  In some cases, your genes may play a role in your tendency to increase weight. Some metabolic problems may cause obesity.  However, this only happens in a small number of cases. In most cases, the attitude and treatment towards food that passes from one generation to the next is the main culprit to the development of obesity.
  4. Drugs and Diseases. In a small portion of the population, obesity may be a result of their drug intake and metabolic diseases. Steroids and some antidepressants can cause weight gain.  So do some diseases such as polycystic ovarian syndrome and Cushing’s syndrome.  If you have these problems and you really want to lose some weight, better talk with a qualified practicing physician.
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