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Weight Loss FAQ’s

We have put together some of the most frequent questions we get with regards to losing weight, and slimming pills.

Is there such a thing as a magic pill I can take, to lose weight

There are many great weight loss pills available on the market, check out our user reviews for real world feedback too. But, there is no such thing as a magic pill which replaces exercise and good nutrition. Every slimming solution out there will rely on you following best practices when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle to work.

Do I really need to take slimming pills? Can’t I just eat more veg and do some exercise?

It depends, of course if you stick to a controlled diet of healthy foods, limit your daily calorie intake, and exercise regularly you will lose weight – No doubt about it. Where slimming pills and weight loss solutions come in, is to substancially increase your weight loss gains, and to help you shift stubborn weight.

Also not everyone can stick to both a healthy diet and regular exercise, so weight loss pills can help burn the fat quicker with less effort.

Are slimming pills bad for my health?

Make sure you check the ingredients, and research a product before using. We usually recommend natural products over their chemical counterparts as these usually have no side effects, and you can use them for prolonged periods.
Some of the more powerful weight loss solutions such as Alli, and LIPOBIND should only be taken if you meet the product criteria (For example with Alli you must have a BMI over 28). Also these should be taken for the recommended period only – If the product recommends 3 months only, stick with that.

Our recommended slimming pills are all safe, but make sure you are over 18, read the instructions carefully, don’t mix products and consult a medical professional before starting any diet.

How fast will I lose weight?

This seriously depends on your current weight, your BMI, your lifestyle, the weight loss product you use, and how much you can improve your lifestyle.
As a rule of thumb, if you can do moderate exercises daily like walking or using a stepping machine, stick to a healthy diet with reasonable portions, and use an effective slimming pill you should start to see results within weeks.

What are the next steps?

Read our various guides, and pick the product which best suits your needs. Read the user reviews and purchase at least 3 months worth of that slimming solution (Try to look out for 3-6month money back guarantee schemes – If you don’t see any results you can claim a full refund!).

When you receive your slimming pills, give yourself 1 hour to do the following:

  • Read the instructions for that slimming pill carefully
  • Clear your fridge of all snacks and fatty foods
  • Take a camera and take pictures of yourself in front of a mirror in your undies
  • Weigh yourself first thing in the morning and note down your weight
  • Do a shopping list of all the recomended foods you should be eating

Then, review your progress every two weeks. Take a picture, write down your new weight so you can see your progress.

After at least 1-2 months, let us know how things went and share your feedback with others by writing a review!