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SlimShot review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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SlimShot is an all natural system that is safe and effective for those wanting to lose extra weight.

The SlimShot weight loss program is unique as it is not one of the usual natural weight loss programs that offer supplements such as pills or herbal products. This program is about drinking a total of three beverages at different times throughout the day, for the beverages are meant to be consumed at specific times of the day in order to help the body to burn calories productively. Even though these SlimShot drinks are taken three times a day, they are not a replacement for meals, but it is important to eat sensible and healthy.

A SlimShot for each part of the day

Whatever time of day you wake up, there is a certain SlimShot drink to start the day off that contains all natural ingredients including green tea, green coffee and other substances that wake you up and give you energy. However, it does not overload giving that burst of energy along with a sudden crash, as a cup of coffee tends to do. It gives a slow steady release of energy, carrying you right through to lunch, and also speeds up the metabolism allowing your breakfast to digest faster.

A second SlimShot drink is consumed with lunch helping to speed up the calorie and fat absorption of this meal. This SlimShot contains ingredients such as cider vinegar that helps the body to continue to burn calories keeping the metabolism of the body functioning at a peak level.

The third and last SlimShot drink is taken at bedtime, for this specific drink contains chromium along with other ingredients that allow the body to sleep while continuing to burn off fat. People often tend to store fat while they are sleeping, so it is very important to keep the body burning calories during the sleep cycle. Some pill and herbal products that offer weight loss often keep you awake at night, but the third SlimShot of the day does not contain any stimulants.

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How does SlimShot compare to other weight loss solutions?

This three-step weight loss program stands out from others offering the specific ingredients needed for those certain times of the day that everyone’s needs are different. When waking up each day, some people seek that caffeine rush to get going but it’s often the caffeine that often brings you crashing down after that sudden burst of energy. The morning drink gives the perfect natural ingredients along with B vitamins to regulate the metabolism and keep it at that steady burn that is important when trying to lose that extra weight. Then with adding the lunch SlimShot drink, it keeps the speed of the metabolism up allowing the body to continue burning the fat at a steady rate and last but not least, the bedtime SlimShot drink keeps the body burning fat right through the night as you are sleeping without keeping you awake. The SlimShot drinks are definitely a step above other natural weight loss systems.

Where Can I Buy SlimShot?

You can purchase SlimShot from a selected range of pharmacies or you can save £££ by buying SlimShot online here.

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2 Customer Reviews of “SlimShot”

Review by Janine F, October 17, 2009

I’ve used SlimShot for a few weeks and found it ok – I’m much happier with the results I’m getting with Acai Berries at the moment though!

Review by James Anderson, October 28, 2009

I think there are several diet pills that can cause side effects that why it is much better to take healthy dieting such as natural weight loss, recently i had been using the tips from this site and I had actually lose 15 lbs. in just a month check it out.

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