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Pure Hoodia review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Hoodia, simply put, is an appetite supressant so powerful that it has been used for centuries by African tribesmen in the Kalahari. It is a very important part of the tribesmen’s excruciatingly long journeys to control hunger and to conserve food rations.

The West has only discovered Hoodia’s powerful hunger numbing effects in the last 10 years and the name alone has made billions in selling this as the ultimate weight loss solution. Thanks to the media over hype, Hoodia has been wrongly perceived as the end-all solution for obesity, and the unashamedly plugging of high profile celebrities like Oprah Winfrey attributing the effects of Hoodia to slender figures.

What suppresses the appetite is the p57 molecule of the Hoodia alone, rendering the other 12 substances useless. This molecule takes years to extract which explains the high cost. The genuine Hoodia will always have the CITES certificate where other similar products claiming to be authentic products don’t have.

Not All Hoodia Pills Are The Same!

About 80% of Hoodia branded pills do not have the expensive but very powerful p57 molecule and the CITES certificate for authenticity. The result, your money is just wasted on rip-offs which will not produce the hunger suppressing effect that you expect. It is the raw powder form that is most potent and not the extract.

Pure Hoodia contains 400mg of 100% pure hoodia gordonii with no fillers. This is the real deal, the only Hoodia supplements which are stronger is our favoutite Unique Hoodia but this is a close second.

Side Effects?

As long as it’s genuine and CITES certified (and Pure Hoodia pills are), no health risks are associated with the pill intake. It does produce a natural high, so it’s not a side effect after all.

Hoodia is not a meal replacement and should be used as part of a balanced diet.

Will I go back to my original weight if I stop using Hoodia?

Since the Hoodia trains you to control hunger and appetite, your stomach shrinks in size thereby making you feel full even if you eat in small amounts. Unlike other slimming pills, Pure Hoodia and Unique Hoodia pills will help you naturally reduce your appetite in a gradual manner. Once you are happy with the results you can stop taking hoodia, and go back to it when you need to.

Where To Buy Pure Hoodia?

You can buy Pure Hoodia pills from evolution slimming here, they have a wide range of slimming pills on offer.

Also we recommend checking out Unique Hoodia, which contains a massive 500mg per serving, which will give you even better results in less time. Click here to find out more about Unique Hoodia.

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