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Pure Acai Berry review

Posted by Slimming Pills

Overall Rating4.

Why The Acai Berry Mania?

Since finding out about the Acai Berry a few months ago, we have been going batty over the incredible and unique effects of the Acai Berry. There is no other fruit or food that can be compared the Acai Berry. While you may not feel much difference the first few days, as you continue with the berry, you’ll start to see an increase in energy and vitality. On top of it all, at the end of the week, you’ll notice the weight loss.

I initially looked at the Acai Berry for it’s antioxidants and it’s energy, but as I ate it on a regular basis, I began to notice I was losing weight and I found myself in better shape. The Acai Berry can easily catalyze your fat loss, and help keep you fit, even if you don’t want to lose any weight.

The Acai Berry is nutrient rich, containing Resvertrol and Anthocyanins, but even better, has more antioxidants than any other food, beating the proverbial pants off blueberries and pomegranates.

The Acai Berry Landscape

Not all Acai Berry supplements are the same. Today, I’m looking at one of the most effective and purest Acai Berry products, PureAcaiBerry. Some products claiming to be Acai Berry supplements aren’t made from just Acai Berries. Some other companies use the Acai Berry along with other nutrients, but, frankly, if I’m taking a daily supplement, I don’t want it full of nasty chemical fillers, I want something that is completely natural, 100% natural.

Why I Recommend Pure Acai Berry

PureAcaiBerry is what it says, it is pure Acai Berry, nothing more, nothing less. 100% Acai Berries in an easy to take form. I find this guaranteed naturalness calming, and it makes me confident when recommending PureAcaiBerry to my friends and family.

So, you ask, what do I look for in an Acai Berry supplement?

The Acai Berry is incredibly powerful, but also fragile. It can only last a single day from when it is picked, that means it cannot be exported in berry from, but has to be either juiced or dried. To keep all its nutrients, the berry has to be Freeze Dried. Freeze drying is the only technique which effectively keeps all the nutrients and power the Acai Berry has. Some companies will use a dehydrator or a spray dryer, trying to cut costs, but all they do is cut out some of the goodness of the Acai Berry. The Acai Berry has to be Organic, and the producer must possesses an ORAC rating certificate which guarantees pure Acai Berry without any chemicals, and that the berries have the highest levels of antioxidants. When taking the Acai Berry, you’ll need to take at least 500 mg to 1000 mg per day in order to see benefits, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Wait, you ask, I’ve seen lots of websites offering Free Trials of Acai Berries. What’s up with them?

It’s possible you’ve seen the many Acai “Free Trial” sites popping up all about the web. While some are real, most are just frauds, scams you should avoid at all costs. Here’s how they work: when you sign up for a free trial, you’re really signing up for a subscriptions service where they post you a bottle a month unless you manage to cancel in a fortnight. The scam websites won’t warn you about this, and they will use your credit card information, which they’ll claim is just for shipping, to bill you every month. Poking around, you can see that many consumers report being unable to cancel, or being told their trial starts when the receive their first bottle, when it’s really started the moment you click on the page.

To make matters worse, the fraudulent companies will surely charge you double the price of PureAcaiBerry for spray dried non-organic Acai Berry of sub-par quality.

Are we running them out of stock?

There’s something you need to know, there are limited supplies of Acai Berry available for export due to laws enacted to prevent over-cultivation of the Acai Berry. So take advantage of bulk orders today (and the 6 month guarantee in case you are not 100% happy with the results).

While stocks last, save money purchasing with the bulk 2-6 month discounts. You can save up to seventy pounds if you buy the six month supply now. Here’s an idea, take the upper hand with the six month money back guarantee, if you don’t feel the effects, get a complete refund, no questions asked.

Where Can I Buy PureAcaiBerry?

Save 5% with our exclusive voucher code! Click here and Type in ACAI5 at the checkout for a 5% discount.

You can only purchase PureAcaiBerry from their official online site here.

Also click here to find out more about PureAcaiBerry, and how it can help you lose weight.

Why are you waiting? Get Pure Acai Berry today! Start feeling great, increase your metabolism, detox, and reach your ideal weight soon!

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2 Customer Reviews of “Pure Acai Berry”

Review by Melissa, October 10, 2009

I’m glad a site like this exists – There are so many dodgy Acai sites out there trying to sell auto bill free trials of acai berry.

I got some Pure Acai Berry last week and I’m looking forward to the results!

Mel X

Review by Luke Brown, October 10, 2009

Ever since I got promoted I haven’t had a chance to do much exercise and recently felt really run down. I’ve been on Acai Berry for the last 3 weeks and I’m feeling great.
I’ve even lost a few pounds in the process without even trying! Check them out.

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