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Hoodia Slimweight Patch By Roduve review

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Weight loss patches are the latest trend in weight loss, and they are set to be one of the hottest products this year.
Roduve, a pharmaceutical company has recently launched its line of Slimweight Patches, which come in both a herbal and Hoodia flavours.

The Roduve Slimweight patch takes advantage of transdermal delivery which delivers the supplement through your skin as aposed to taken orally. You might ask what advantages this has over standard weight loss pills?

By delivering the supplement straight into your blood stream you can get up to 95% of the supplement to the cells where it is needed – In contrast, some supplements lose their potency once ingested orally which can lead to only 5% of the active ingredients making it to the cells.

Medical experts the world over are calling transdermal patches “the delivery system of the future” because these have been proven to have a high absorption rate delivered through the skin.


You wear a patch on your skin daily, this can be applied to an arm or your back. This means you will feel the effects day and night, and not have to worry about swallowing pills 3 times a day!

So what can the Roduve Slimweight Patch do for you?

According to the manufacturers the Slimweight Patch can help you lose significant weight and lose the fat without having to drastically alter your diet. The latest Hoodia Slimweight patch features Hoodia Gordonii which is a natural appetite suppressant, which will naturally lower your desire for food, and reduce your meal portions.

According to clinical trials, the Slimweight patch can:

  • Help lose weight gradually and safely over time.
  • Help lose between 2-4lbs per week
  • No need to make large changes to your lifestyle
  • Is safe to use and have no known side effects
  • And you can enjoy weight loss throughout the day/night

Where can I find out more?

You can find out more about the Slimweight Patches at the official Roduve website here.
If you are serious about losing weight why not check it out and take advantage of the 180 day money back guarantee.

Tip: Take advantage of their bulk pricing by opting for the 2 month or more packs to save on your purchase here.

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One Customer Review of “Hoodia Slimweight Patch By Roduve”

Review by Melissa D, March 11, 2010

These are fantastic, reminds me of those smoking patches.
I’m losing some weight, and looking forward to a beach body in the summer

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