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Green Coffee Extract review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Green coffee extract is taken from green coffee beans that haven’t been roasted. The amount of caffeine is lower than it would be in normal coffee, while the flavor is almost nonexistent. What could possibly be the use of green coffee extract, then?

Along with the reduced caffeine and flavor, green coffee extract has a secret weapon! It’s called chlorogenic acid and it might be the greatest new way to fight obesity and high blood pressure.

How Green Coffee Extract Works

Chlorogenic acid is a naturally occuring antioxidant that can be found in many plants and plant-based foods, such as bamboo, peaches, prunes and coffee. While it’s present in even a standard cup of joe, it’s easier to get a larger–and more effective–dose from green coffee extract. It’s theorized that the chlorogenic acid prevents the body from absorbing glucose and lowers the glycemic peak. Scientists know that the presence of chlorogenic acid slows the body’s release of glucose into the bloodstream after eating, which could be why it might lower blood sugar spikes and enhance the burning of fat.

Another important factor in green coffee bean extract is that it affects the hormone adiponectin, which controls many different fat burning processes in the body. The way that green coffee extract interacts with adiponectin is one reason why studies have found that coffee has far greater fat burning power than green tea, despite the many health benefits associated with the latter. Habitual coffee drinkers have higher adiponectin levels, as well as a greater capacity for fat burning.


One double-blind study headed by leading green coffee extract expert Dr. Joe Vinson found that subjects on 1050mg doses of green coffee extract over a 22 week period had an average weight loss of 17 pounds, or 10.5% of their body weight. This translated to a decrease in their body fat by 16%. Excitingly, it also reduced their blood pressure. The most astounding part of all was that none of the participants changed their diet significantly over the course of the study. This was purely the effect of the green coffee extract.


Additionally, the antioxidant rich green coffee extract can help your body flush out the by-products of fat metabolism, free radicals.

What’s in Green Coffee Extract?

Green Coffee Extract 2000mg is a unique product on the market. Why? Because unlike other supplements, it contains 100% pure green coffee extract that has been harvested from unroasted green coffee beans.

The 100% natural, pure extract of unroasted green coffee beans needs no fillers or additives. In its pure form, it has been coined the newest miracle in the weight loss supplement industry. As one of the most potent sources of chlorogenic acid, it has been found to enhance metabolism, boost fat reduction and elimination, balance blood sugar-levels, and act as a superior antioxidant against oxygen free radical damage.

Using Green Coffee Extract

Manufacturer’s guidelines should be followed at all times. Consume only 1 to 3 capsules every day for optimum results. Green coffee extract is potent enough to do it’s work at these levels.

The Verdict

If you are in the market for a 100% pure, natural green coffee extract, there is only one product for you. The original green coffee extract with 2000mg of pure green coffee is just what you need.

Where to buy 100% pure green coffee extract?

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2 Customer Reviews of “Green Coffee Extract”

Review by Danny, June 23, 2012

I heard about these on the Dr Oz show, and can say that green coffee is effective, plus I don’t get the jittery side effects of caffeine.

Review by Helena, December 10, 2012

I’m taking green coffee extract along with my current diet and its working well. I’m less bloated and have lost a few lbs in 3 weeks.

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