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FULLfast review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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FULLfast is a new appetite suppressant which has recently launched in the UK, after having proved to be a success in the USA, Portugal and Italy.

What makes this unique is that, unlike slimming pills or patches, FULLfast delivers its active ingredients with a spray!

So what is FULLfast, and how does the spray work?

FULLfast comes as a small bottle with a spray nozzle and according to the makers, all it takes is 3 sprays, 5 times a day to naturally reduce your appetite.

The makers recommend taking the spray 5 times a day, at least 30 minutes before or after meals.
A bottle will last for 30 days, and is recommended to be used for a maximum of 2 months at a time, with a 1 month break after if you use the product again.

The product features 100% natural ingredients and the spray enables a very efficient absorption of ingredients right under the tongue.
This method of delivery is quite high-tech and has certain advantages over oral administration: Being more direct, it is often faster, and it ensures that the substance will risk degradation only by salivary enzymes before entering the bloodstream (rather than wasted through digestive enzymes).

Although this is quite a novel method of delivery for a weight loss aid, sprays are used quite frequently to deliver pharmaceuticals drugs.

What ingredients does FULLfast contain and how do they work?

FULLfast has a patent pending formula which contains the following ingredients:

Griffonia extract
Griffonia seeds are known to have a high concentration of 5-HTP (5-Hydroxytryptophan), which has been found to increase the production of serotonin.
Serotonin is one of the most important neurotransmitters of the central nervous system and is responsible for regulating functions such as mood and satiety (feeling full).

Klamath Algae
Klamath Algae is nutrient dense, and clinical studies have found it to have positive effects on your mood.

Guarana is a popular stimulant which is twice as potent as caffeine. Preliminary research has shown guarana may affect how quickly the body perceives itself to be full.

Artichoke has digestive benefits and facilitate drainage.

Centella has digestive benefits and facilitate drainage.

Taraxacum has digestive benefits and facilitate drainage.

Is FULLfast safe & what does it taste like?

There have been no reports of any side effects so far, we will update this if we find anything. Spray based delivery methods have been used for a while with no reported side effects.

In terms of taste, it’s got a faint liquorice taste.

Is FULLfast clinically tested?

Yes, an efficacy study run by researchers at an Italian University has been published in 2009 in the International Journal of Obesity.

This study proved that:
-Users taking FULLfast had a reduced feeling of hunger, noticeable after 5 days
-After 21 days, the users taking FULLfast in general no longer suffered from hunger cravings.

FULLfast is therefore clinically proven to help reduce hunger cravings, and can help you stick to your diet without needing to snack between meals. With the summer fast approaching, this is going to be ideal for all of you resisting these summer BBQ’s in order to get that beach body.

Whats The Verdict?

If snacking or portion size if your problem, and you are looking for an effective appetite suppressant, then you might want to give the FULLfast spray a try. It’s clinically proven, and according to their study works within 5 days.

We recommend a healthy diet and exercise in order to get the most of this product.
Because this is a relatively new product we will be looking forward to hearing from past customers to get their feedback on this new product!

Where to buy FULLfast?

The best place to buy FULLfast is direct here.

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