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DEcarb review

Posted by Slimming Pills

Overall Rating4.

decarb carb blocker

What Is DEcarb?

DEcarb is the latest weight loss supplement from Shape Smart. The way it works is by blocking up to 66% of dietary carbohydrates you eat.
Carb blockers are effective due to the fact that Carbohydrates usually represent a large percentage of our daily food intake – And in excess they will contribute to weight gain.

Decarb Features & Benefits:
-Forces your body to use fat stores
-Consume less calories per meal
-Perfect for ALL diets
-Blocks up to 66% of dietary carbs
-Contains 100% natural ingredients

Click here to see all the DEcarb benefits.

How Does DECarb work?

Decarb inhibits the digestive enzymes responsible for processing carbohydrates, so that you don’t end up digesting up to 66% of carbs in your meals.
According to the manufacturer this process is natural, and carbs will be passed harmlessly out of your body.

Is DEcarb clinically tested?

Yes, clinical trial participants taking 3 DEcarb tablets before a meal showed a reduction of up to 25% in calorie absorption. DEcarb was also clinically proven to block up to 66% of carbs.
What Ingredients Does DEcarb contain?
DEcarb™ contains PhaseLite™, a natural glycoprotein complex made from white kidney bean.

Who’s Been Using DEcarb?

The press and celebrities have been praising DEcarb since its launch. Recently Gail Porter appeared on the Daily Mail sharing her weight loss story with DEcarb.

Picture 82
Linda Robinson has also had some great success, losing 1-2 lbs a week. Click here for more celebrity success stories.

Is DEcarb safe?

According to the makers, its based on 100% natural ingredients therefore should be safe to take. Looking at the customer feedback its been rather positive so this should be safe to use.
DEcarb™ can also help flatten these energy spikes and slumps caused by a high carbohydrate diet and reduce food cravings, which in turn will boost your willpower to succeed.

Where To Buy DEcarb?

You can find DEcarb in selected pharmacies, but the cheapest place we have found is at here.
Make sure you only order from authorised shops, for more information click here.

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16 Customer Reviews of “DEcarb”

Review by Carolyn, June 24, 2010

I read about Gail Porter taking these so I gave it a go. I’ve been taking them for a month and I’ve lost at least a pound a week.
I’ve also tried to cut down on wine too, so both worked for me.

Review by Peter, June 24, 2010

Is DEcarb really safe though? I’m not too sure about it messing with my digestion system.

Review by Mel, June 24, 2010

I got some good results, and I can now fit in my favourite jeans again. I have now stopped taking DEcarb after two month and the weight isn’t coming back on which is good.

Review by rafet, July 4, 2010

me and my husband have been taking them nearly a month and we havent lost ,but gain might think we have been over eating
but we havent i m very suspicious about these pill.we have spend over £200 by now and i think its a con .

Review by Slimming Pills, July 5, 2010


How did you spend so much money? Decarb is less than £30 last time I checked?

If you are not making much progress make sure to:
-Do moderate exercise every day (walking at least 45-60 minutes a day)
-Stay away from heavy, processed foods (fast food too)
-Cut your food portions (use an appetite suppressant if you have trouble with this at first)
-Drink lots of water a day
-Follow the instructions to the letter.

Please let us know how you and your husband are progressing.

Review by rafet, July 18, 2010

We take 2pills with every meal that makes 12 pills a day (as its me and my husband) so a packet of decarb is only enough for 5 days as we have been using it for nearly 2 months that’s makes £240 .I think its expensive especially when one doesn’t loose weight.
-We go to gym 4-5 times a week,
– I do body combat, pump, occasionally spin classes, my husband cycles 20 km 4 times per week and does some weights
-We don’t eat processed food as I cook, I am a professional chef, and have a good knowledge of nutrition. We deliberately did not change our eating or exercise routine during this trial period in order to see how successful the pills were. The result was we felt hungrier than usual and gained weight.
I think this experiment proves the old adage “if something seems to good to be true, then it will be.”

Having conducted this expensive experiment, I mean no malice toward you or your company, (everyone has to earn a living) i just wanted to share our experience and warn potential customers.

Review by Ellen, July 27, 2010


I guess that neither of you actually have any weight to lose in the first place. Being as physically active as you are then you need your carbs and its no wonder you feel hungry and crave carbs. Also, everyone knows that muscle weighs more than fat and a regime like yours is probably building muscle, therefore….. weighing more.

Review by A Turner, September 6, 2010

I used a full packed of this expensive product and liik all the others did not live up to its adverts. I did not lose as much as an ounce after spending the guts of £30.

Review by Charlotte, October 19, 2010

I have been taking these for a few days, i didnt pick them in order to expect to loose weight just from these alone, i crave carbs and sugar all the time which is my biggest problem, im back on a low carb diet to shift a stone or so and what i can say is that they have most definatley helped my cravings 100% which is helping me stick to my diet 🙂

Review by Van, November 5, 2010

Hi I have just bought some of these. I am on the Atkins diet but am struggling. Can I stay on the Atkins and when I know I’m going to break it take these tablets before hand or do u have to take them everyday to get it in your system.

Review by MJ, January 16, 2011

as someone who constantly craves carbs, i’ve decided to give these pills a go. its only day one and almost 6pm in the evening. by this time usually, i’ve devoured tons of carbs, however after taking these pills with my lunch today, i can honestly say my cravings for them are already dying out and my appetite for food has also dropped. one sandwich all day and i honestly still feel quite satisfied. just hope that the pills actually work in the end…

Review by MJ, January 21, 2011

just updating. been taking decarb now for almost a week and sadly i cant see any results. actually got on the scales yesterday and seems i’ve gained a pound. however, i’m going to stick with them for another 2 weeks or so and see if i can get any results. fingers crossed!

Review by CB, February 7, 2011

I tried these tablets for just over two weeks and still weigh exactly the same, also seem to feel bloated all the time and made no difference to my food cravings, complete waste of money. Very expensive and should have a guarantee if your not totally happy.

Review by ubk, February 19, 2011

I’ve been taken them for 6 weeks now and even though during the first week I thought they may be working, the results after 6 weeks clearly show that they are not. I didnt change my eating patterns on purpose to find out if they are actually doing anything. I weigh exactly the same as I did 6 weeks ago.

Review by JG, February 19, 2011

I think if you are the type of person that longs for Carb foods all the time this will work. Otherwise, maybe not.

Its reduced my cravings hugely and made it easier for me not to eat in between meals (and I used to all the time! Especially late in the evenings).

Also get a bit of exercise to help the process. I’ve lost 12lbs since I started taking them a couple of weeks ago (though I measured my heaviest weight after having a big feed….But still thats a good going!).

Review by an actual user, March 28, 2011

Right then guys, here’s an actual review.

Saw decarb in boots over xmas and thought they couldn’t actually work. went to do some research on the net but not a lot of information or reviews where up as it seems hardly anyone had given them a go.

Thought I should just guinea pig it myself then, (they’ve had clinical trials so they won’t kill me and any harm I took on my own shoulders)

I’ve been learning nutrition and dieting for six months and had lost two stone but plateaued for the last two so they sounded perfect for me, a nice little boost. still have 3-4 inches on waist to lose.

I am a carb craver and can happily sit down to a mahussive bowl of plain pasta or multiple rounds of toast in the evening. its my issue but i do find myself succumbing to these cravings maybe once or twice a week, hence the plateau.

On the first of february i started my trial, i did not change my diet or exercise schedule and took two pills with lunch and two with dinner seven days a week.

I decided that as breakfast is the most important meal of the day that I would not be using decarb with this meal.

Previously i would start to feel peckish around four to five ish but this went away after a few days on the pills. i could go through to 8 before I needed feeding again which was good as i don’t usually get home till seven and previoulsy had snacked before i left the office.

These pills do certainly help you feel fuller for longer, they stop you processing all the carbs in one go and spreads it over a number of hours, thus helping curb sugar cravings after your levels drop.

Over the month my carb cravings diminished as my body learnt that it couldn’t get the energy it sought from the carbs it was used to. it shifted onto nuts and meat which I believe is probably the better end of the scale.

disgusting part :

They had a major effect on my digestive system,

previously due to my increased fibre diet I had been visting the little boys room three times a day like clockwork. These little buggers cut that down from three to one over the course of the month even though i was still getting the same amount of fibre.

I would have to go in there around four ish for a major farting session though, I have put this down to the un digested carbs decomposing in my lower gut and creating large amounts of gassy exhaust.

I felt bloated throughout the month but this was no more than when my diet had been based on meat and carbs and pizza and chips and takeaways and gorgeous slimy greasy food. If i hadn’t have been dieting for a number of months beforehand i would probably not have noticed.

I did love the fact that if i did indulge in the goodness of toast and Jam at ten o clock or the odd portion of chips that I no longer felt guilt for doing so as I could just whack down the extra third pill when doing so. that was very nice indeed.

OK results.

I am not a major weigher as I don’t have scales, i only check in when i’m back at the parents in Devon.

during the month i lost a whole 1 pound. Oh yes, one whole pound.

I did not feel physically different and couldn’t really put the difference down to muscle growth. I felt pretty down about this as I had spent a bit of cash and time on this and only ended up with feeling rough for a month for no payback.


Once I came off the pills and my body started to adjust back to a normal rhythm i lost a lot of weight really damn fast.

I haven’t weighed myself since the end of the month but I lost two inches on my belt in the first two weeks when coming off. i would say that this is the equivalent of 5-6 pounds across the whole of my body. again this is with no change in diet or exercise.

I think that my body took two weeks to get rid of all the stored up crap in my system as once i felt back to normal the rapid weight loss came to a stop as well.

I am back to normal again now and everything is back in running order.

I am planning on another month of these starting on the first and will be updating this review afterwards. I am pretty confident that I will be able to get rid of the last couple of inches for the summer.
(Maybe not thin but at least down to good looking chubby)

Personally these have worked for me, even though i felt pretty down once i had come off them as now i know that once you come off its just a waiting game as your body sorts itself out.

Hopefully this review has been helpful to you, though a little long.

I have recommended these to friends but as always with things like this, you MUST I repeat MUST do your own research and make the decisions for yourself when undergoing something like this

Overall I was prettly impressed… eventually.

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