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Chili Burn review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Spices, especially chilly, are known to raise the metabolic rate up to 50% for the next three hours after you have enjoyed a spicy meal. They function in a similar way to green tea. The biologically active ingredients called catechins, found in green tea, can help control your weight.

Chili Burn is a new weight loss pill, which can increase the number of calories being used by your body, without restricting your diet for fast weight loss.

What ingredients does Chili Burns contain?

The active ingredients in Chili Burn diet pills include green tea leaves extract, chili extract, dill seed and ginger root extract, plus peppermint oil. All these safe plants and extracts contained in Chili Burns, make it a natural fat burner.
New Nordic Chili Burn contains epigallocateching gallate which is considered the most active cachetin. Catechins have beneficial effects not only on weight control, but also on cardiovascular diseases, cancer and inflammation.

Is Chili Burns Safe?

The product has been developed for 7 years and it is aimed at helping your body burn more calories. There are no side effects associates with Chili Burns slimming pills. They provide a natural method to increase your metabolism. All the ingredients in Chili Burn are inducive to burning fat over a longer period of time.

What results to expect?

Reports state that clinical studies have involved subjects that took between 170-300 mg of epigallocateching gallate, the expected weight loss in body fat being between 7-10% for a period extending to 12 weeks. As Chili Burns contain 145 mg per tablet, by using them you can expect significant weight loss.
EPCG (Epigallocateching gallate) is the most abundant catechin and a powerful antioxidant. Among the therapeutic effects it produces the most notable are on brain, prostate, bladder and prostate cancer. EGCG in green tea has been investigated for treatment of HIV infection, but the effects are not yet completely confirmed.

The Verdict

It has been claimed that Chili peppers are helpful in burning fat, since they will use extra calories to produce heat. Other claims state that Chili Burn accelerates metabolic rate, thus increasing calorie expenditure. You will feel full of energy and there are no side effects associated with this weight loss option.

In terms of verdict, Chili Burns have not yet run any conclusive publically accessible clinical trials, therefore we’ll be following this product closely to see the results it gets. In the mean time, if you are looking for a tried and tested Chili based weight loss product why not check out our Capsiplex Review.

Capsiplex is the Chili pill used by celebrities to burn over 278 calories a day! Click here to find out more.

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3 Customer Reviews of “Chili Burn”

Review by GoldenPong, June 16, 2010

I got this from Holland and Barret and its been quite effective, I’ll try Capsiplex next month when I run out to compare.

Review by Anon, September 26, 2010

This pill is bad news. I can handle spicy food and I do not suffer from side effects from anything that I take, but I took this one for three days, as directed, and on the first day I was feeling very ill. Even now, I haven’t touched it in a month, and my stomach is still very sensitive after taking it, and is particularly sensitive to spicy food. Antacids don’t make the terrible feeling go away. I would not recommend this pill, and I think that whatever is in it can actually do damage to your digestive system, so beware!

Review by Anon, May 11, 2011

I have Crohns Disease and have been taking these tablets for 6 days and feel great… They have supressed my appetite and the scales and smiling at me.

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