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Capsiplex review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Capsiplex is the latest new slimming pill to hit the market, which features a Hollywood linup of celebrity success stories.

Capsiplex is features a formulation of chili and capsicum –and its makers claim this new slimming pill can burn as many calories as 80 minutes of walking or jogging for 25 minutes.

Clinical trials at the University of Oklahoma has shown adults taking Capsiplex burned off 278 more calories before, during and after a bout of exercise than those on placebos.

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celebritiesThe Capsiplex advertising campaign launched today in the UK employs the clever catchphrase “Slim At Your Desk” and has been touted as being the slimming product of 2010. You can see the press clippings for Capsiplex here.


The Capsiplex PR has included celebrity and Hollywood stars Jennifer Lopez, Brad Pitt and Britney Spears in their marketing material, stating that they have been using Capsiplex to help them lose weight. Not only have they got some great results from taking Capsiplex, but many across the UK are chiming in about weight loss within weeks of trying out.

Click here to read the customer testimonials left for Capsiplex.


Capsiplex is safe, and is now prescribed by many NHS doctors for weight loss. But we have received a few comments about side effects after taking Capsiplex. According to the makers, If you are allergic to chillies and chilli powder (which is very rare) they would recommend staying away from Capsiplex as that is the main active ingredient.

Miracle pill or new diet fad?

We are always sceptical about new weight loss products promising huge weight loss benefits. But we have followed  Capsiplex closely since its launch in January, and are happy to say that after receiving over 70 testimonials from Capsiplex Customers its a resounding success!
Click here to find out about more Capsiplex success stories.

We are always a bit dubious of new “miracle” diet products, especially when it concerns a new slimming pill with little or no previous coverage. Thankfully this is not the case with Capsiplex! We tried out Capsiplex for a few weeks and I lost 1kg without altering my fitness routine or diet, so I can strongly recommend it on a personal level too.

Capsiplex was also trialled last year under the Capsimax brand, which explains why we couldn’t find anything before!

Also it will be interesting to see how the makers have overcome the fact that capsicum extract is unbearably hot and would cause irritation if eaten in large quantities.

Feb 2010 UPDATE

I spoke to Stewart at Capsiplex, who provided some more details about the product:

  • Capsiplex has been endorsed by the above celebs, they will be updating their website shortly with more testimonials
  • Capsiplex was officially launched on 28th December 2009, however they had been running trials in the US for 10 months with personal trainers and medical professionals
  • Capsiplex uses a patented system to contain the Capsicum so that it doesn’t cause irritation – This is one of the only products of its kind to achieve this!

Thanks for the feedback Stewart! Looking at the feedback we have received on this, it looks like some of you are getting some great results!

As usual the best results come from users doing some moderate exercise whilst taking Capsiplex. Keep the comments coming!

Let us know your results with Capsiplex, and your thoughts on this new diet.

You can find out more about Capsiplex at their official website at here.

June 2010 UPDATE

We have received many comments about users buying from Ebay, and not being sure if what they got was real or fake Capsiplex. We do not recommend buying Capsiplex from Ebay as none of the sellers are approved by Capsiplex, and there are many fakes floating around. See our article here about it.

Capsiplex have launched another product: Capsiplex Suppressor, an appetite suppressant which combined with Capsiplex will deliver even more results. The main active ingredient is the clinically-proven Methylcellulose which is recommended by doctors in the UK to treat obesity. Click here for more information about Capsiplex Suppressor.

The NHS is now recommending the active ingredient in Capsiplex for effective weight loss, and it has proved so successful that Capsiplex sold out last week when it launched in selected pharmacies!

Jan 2012 UPDATE

Keep the great feedback coming in, it looks like Capsiplex is helping shift some impressive amounts of weight. To get the best out of Capsiplex, make sure to take it once before each meal with a full glass of water – This will help both reduce your appetite and maximise your chances of success.

Also Capsiplex have just launched Capsiplex Plus, the new and improved version of Capsiplex. Read our review here.

Where To Best Buy Capsiplex?

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255 Customer Reviews of “Capsiplex”

Review by Esther, March 13, 2012

It started taking Capsiplex Plus since Feb. 28, 2012.
So it’s been 2 weeks now, but I’ve only lost 1lb. I’ve been cutting down on my sweets, eating less, and drinking lots of water, but did not get the results I was expecting to see… I will continue taking them, hopefully I can lose more than 10lbs in 3 months, just in time for summer! Planning on going to the gym more often.. I only go twice a week (1~1.5 hrs/ day).

Review by sinead, March 20, 2012

Ok thankyou. Yeh ifcourse im not chewing them lol. 4 weeks in and lost half a stone . Lots of excercise and better eating though so i dont know how much of a role capsiplex are playing in my weight loss!

Review by Caroline, July 4, 2012

I took my first capsule yesterday and had no side effects and took my second one today and within an hour my face felt very hot and like I had pin pricks all over it, then I noticed a rash on my hands, up my arms, across my shoulders and around my armpits – it was extremely hot. Within another hour it had gone done and now I just feel a little warm across my face – is this a normal reaction? Should I carry on using the capsules?

Review by Caroline, July 5, 2012

Taken a third one today and had NO reaction at all so perhaps it was just a one off!

Review by Chloe, July 22, 2012

Many of you keep saying your not loosing weight well for some but not all are really exerciseing and could be burning the fat and gaining muscle that’s.why I watch what I eat and stick to pills and go for walks . If you push yourself you will end up gaining muscle weight x

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