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Capsiplex Suppressor review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Capsiplex Suppressor is the latest product from the Capsiplex company who brought us Capsiplex. This new product hit the headlines recently on the Daily Mail, and Daily Star due to selling over 50,000 packs within its first week in selected pharmacies, and effectively selling out!

So What Is Capsiplex Suppressor?

Capsiplex Suppressor is an appetite suppressant, based on 100% natural ingredients which are clinically proven to help curb your appetite enabling you to cut your meal portion sizes by up to 50%.

Capsiplex Suppressor is different to Capsiplex, in that it helps cut down on snacking, and will make you satisfied eating smaller portions. Capsiplex on the other hand works on your metabolism to make you burn calories faster, helping you burn an extra 287 or so Calories.

Can I Take Capsiplex Suppressor With Capsiplex?

Yes! Both weight loss supplements are 100% natural, and can work together to target the main causes of weight gain:
-Capsiplex will make your metabolism more efective and burn the same amount of calories as a 20 minute jog
-Capsiplex Suppressor will help you eliminate the need for snacking in the day, and help you eat smaller portions so you can keep to a healthy amount of Calories consumed in a day

Capsiplex In The Press


Capsiplex Suppressor was recently featured on the Daily Mail and Daily Star and praised for its effectiveness in helping consumers lose weight.

You can see the press clippings for Capsiplex here.

What About The Ingredients?

Capsiplex Suppressor’s main active ingredients are: Methyl cellulose, Vegetable shell (hypromellose), L-Carnitine, Magnesium stearate, (vegetable derived) and Chromium picolinate.
Methyl cellulose is a popular weight loss ingredient usually prescribed by NHS doctors to combat obesity. Combined with L-Carnitine, Magnesium stearate and Chromiun Capsiplex Suppressor’s unique formulation is even more effective, and according to the makers can help cut portion sizes by 50%.

Its god to see that all these ingredients are 100% natural, and suitable for vegetarians. Click here to find out more about the ingredients.

Are There Any Side Effects?

The advantage of using 100% natural ingredients is that it minimises the chances of side effects, and at this time there are no known side effects linked to both these ingredients and Capsiplex Suppressor.

Where Can I buy Capsiplex Suppressor?

You can currently find Capsiplex in selected pharmacies and direct at the official website. We recommend buying online at the official website to get the best deals and to take advantage of any promotions.

The Verdict?

The customer feedback for Capsiplex has been amazing, we have receved many reports of consumers losing weight effectively and safely. Capsiplex Suppressor is impressive and combined will provide effective weight loss as it tackles both major causes of weight gain.
Click here to find out more about Capsiplex Suppressor and to order your first pack.

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9 Customer Reviews of “Capsiplex Suppressor”

Review by Cam, June 18, 2010

Has anyone tried Capsiplex Suppressor yet?

Review by Naomi, June 21, 2010

I’ve been using Methylcellulose for a few months now and I’ve had some good results – GP recommended it.

Review by Jonathan L, June 22, 2010

What should I get Capsiplex Suppressant or the other Capsiplex?

Review by Kian Reeves, June 22, 2010

I’ve lost 2 lbs since taking it earlier in the month. I got it from Harrods, but should have bought it online as there is a discount now.

Review by Slimming Pills, June 23, 2010

@ Jonathan depends what you need. If you just want to lose weight faster than Capsiplex, if you want to curb down your snacking and meal portions try the suppressor.

Review by caspia, June 30, 2010

I purchased Capsiplex batch 6611 and only received 26 capsules. Has anyone else noticed a shortage of less than 30 capsules.

Review by Mona, November 19, 2010

What a total dissapointment, I’m approx 1 stone overweight,mostly healthy,gym 4 times a week.
When I bought CAPSIPLEX,, it quarantees to burn off an extra 287cal when taken before a fitness session.After taking 20+caps, there was NO loss, I wrote to Advanced Health Ltd in Glasgow with my issue, they told me to eat less, cut carbs, none of this is mentioned in their advertising,I did cut the carbs, although nothing happened.
I then wrote and asked for my money back as their product was not fit for purpose, after them ignoring my letters, I have passed my complaint to Trading Standards, Anyone else had problems with this company?

Review by Slimming Pills, November 29, 2010

Sorry to hear about your experience. Losing weight will depend on many factors, and just taking slimming pills will not automatically result in weight loss, but will help accelerate weight loss.

Out of interest are you doing any exercise (walking, physical work etc) on a daily basis?

Capsiplex suppressor is more of an appetite suppressant, therefore I would suggest trying out Capsiplex, or Phen375 as well as integrating at least 45 minutes of brisk walking a day. This and a balanced diet should provide you with results.

With regards to asking for your money back, I don’t think they have a money back policy .

Review by Katy, April 10, 2012

At 15 stone and 5’7 i am classed as obese. This is the biggest i have ever been and it really got me down considering when i had my daughter nearly 9 years ago, i went down to 10 stone and looked amazing. I started taking Capsiplex about 2 months ago but stopped after a couple of days when i had to undergo some surgery. I restarted taking them 3 days ago and i have already lost 6lbs, i believe whole heartedly that this is down to the Capsiplex and reducing what i eat a great deal and cutting out junk food. I work in Admin at a local hotel but i am on my feet most of the time so i do get a little exercise and i do all the housework too.

The only side affect i have really had is after i take the pill, i have to rush to the toilet BUT i have woken up and needed the toilet desperately for over a year now so wether it’s because of my size or the pill i am unsure. Also i do feel a little flustered, like i’m having a hot flush but again, it’s not major and doesn’t affect me. I would recommend Capsiplex to everyone i know, the only criticism i have is the price…It works out at around £1 per pill which is a little steep but apart from that, it’s a miracle pill that i will keep using until i am back to 10 stone

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