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Actislim review

Posted by Slimming Pills

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Actislim is a new slimming pill, which contrary to many other weight loss products doesn’t feel the need to show what it does, how it does it, and the results you can get. According to Actislim, they can help you reach your goals…Which goals? Who knows..

These dietary pills contain minerals, vitamins, natural herbal extracts and plant extracts. They advise that you should take these pills two times a day. The difference of this product with others is that you can purchase it in a different dosage of two days, one week, three weeks and six weeks. The product is manufactured and made in United Kingdom.

However, the product does not elaborate and explain how it helps you burn the extra pounds and weight that you want to lose and products like this one should let their customer know how it function.

ActiSlim is made from different substances. The product is said to work best if you take it with a lot of water, engaged into a daily exercise, always eating breakfast and for you to take the pills a couple of hours before sleeping.

The side effects of the product are not known, but there are cautions when taking the product, like: this shouldn’t be taken by a diabetic and those people who are under the age of 18.

This product lacks ANY clinical research or any endorsements by doctors – Our advice? Stay well away!

Instead, why not check out Capsiplex or Proactol, both are clinically proven and backed by medical professionals.

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5 Customer Reviews of “Actislim”

Review by Kerry, July 11, 2010

I,and my friend, took these pills for about 3 days before we decided that the side effects were too dangerous to continue taking tablets. The tablets make you feel high and very anxious. The main problem is massive heart racings. I once was prescribed slimming tablets by a clinic and they were amphetamine based. Ultra slim has exactly the same effect. I’d agree with the stay away advice.

Review by Janet Hicks, August 9, 2010

I have read the above review and don’t agree. I’ve taken these pills and they don’t have the sort of effect on me as described above. I have had no racing heart or anxiety. Just finished a 6 week course and have lost just over a stone. They suppressed my appetite and therefore made losing weight a lot easier. My friend has also tried them and she has found them helpful too. She just wanted to lose a few pounds and has managed it with ease. I don’t think anyone NEEDS slimming pills but if you have will power problems like me then these pills can be helpful.

Review by ceri, September 12, 2010

i have just started taking actislim ultra for the first time..after just 1 pill i am feeling a bit dizzy and have a very dry mouth and also like a lump in my throat… i have taken amphetamine in my younger years and this is bring the effects all back…is this normal and will this ease off the more i take

Review by ANNA, December 9, 2010

I have been taking Actislim Ultra Night and Day and have lost over 2 stones. I have stopped losing weight but still take these pills to maintain my current weight. I haven’t had any problems I think as long as you drink lots of water and have a balanced diet these pills ‘help’. They do work, just make sure that you follow the instructions – if you have a high caffeine intake generally you will need to reduce it before taking these.

Review by shncrn, January 24, 2011

I have been using Actislim for the past 18 months off and on. My weight tends to creep up and when I gain an extra stone I start on the Actislim. They have always been very effective appetite suppressants up until now. However my new batch which was purchased in December have had very little effect whatsoever. No dry/metallic mouth, no appetite suppression, no racing heart or anything. I realise the other reviewers didn’t like these effects but for me it was how I knew they were working. Normally 2 a day worked completely fine for me, but with this batch I even tried 4 at the same time with no effect at all….definitely not good.
I contacted Actislim and told them I wasn’t happy with this batch and was given the spiel about “no guarantees made by the company.” I left my number and demanded that the manager phone me back as I was contacting consumer direct. Consumer Direct were very helpful and advised me that under UK consumer Law, the product was covered by the Sale Of Goods Act and as such had to be of satisfactory quality. I informed the manager of actislim of this when he called and he backtracked and allowed me to return the opened tablets for refund.
My own personal opinion is that they’ve cut corners with the Actislim Ultra in order to get people to pay the extra for their new Extreme tablets. I’ll be giving the company a VERY wide berth from now on though.

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