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Zotrim – The Calorie Conqueror

Posted by Slimming Pills

The Daily Mail has featured Zotrim in its health section today, highlighting results from scientist at Liverpool university demonstrating exceptional results:

According to the Scientists at Liverpool University, they found that women who took the pill with their breakfast had a much lower appetite at lunch time cutting their calorie intake by 17.6 per cent.


Of the 58 volunteers who were given either Zotrim or a placebo in the morning, those who took Zotrim were only eating during lunchtime, the others would snack as usual.

Dr Jason Halford said the findings suggest Zotrim can help with losing weight in a real world scenario.

The subjects, some of whom were overweight, were observed at a test lunch buffet where they were told to eat as much they wanted. Those on Zotrim ate on average 132 fewer calories – the equivalent of a Milky Way or can of cola.

The interesting thing is that if the effects were replicated throughout the day, the pill would cut a dieter’s daily count by 400 or 500 calories, equivalent to two bars of chocolate or a kebab.

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