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The use of  Xenical may result in the development of kidney damage, says a new Canadian study published by the Archives of Internal Medicine in April 2011. In this study, the researchers acknowledged that 0.5 percent of previously hospitalized patients because of kidney problem end up having another kidney problem after a year of taking orlistat for losing weight.

As mentioned by the researcher of this study, quite a few cases of kidney problems were reported with the use of Xenical, but this problem is not included in the possible side effects listed in the drug’s literature. However, as expounded by the author of this research, most of the case reports are only observational, thus, these cannot be used to prove the drug as the causal agent for the resultant kidney problem.

Last year, Xenical of Roche and Alli of GlaxoSmithKline, both of which has orlistat as the active ingredient, also got involved in another controversy involving the liver problem.

However, up this moment, Roche, the manufacturer of Xenical, is not giving any statement yet about this new finding.

For most medical and health practitioners, diet, regular exercise and behavioral changes toward food are still the mainstays for proper and healthy weight loss regimen. In worst cases where weight loss cannot be achieve by these lifestyle modifications, surgery may be recommended.


Archives of Internal Medicine; Orlistat and Acute Kidney Injury: An Analysis of 953 Patients; Weir, M.A. et al.; April 2011


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