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Most dieters try to lose weight by cutting their caloric intake. Others resort to increased physical activity to burn more calories. Yes, they are right. Cutting your caloric intake and increasing your physical activity are one of the most important ways to healthy weight loss. But, do you know that the choice in the type of dietary fat also does matter when you are trying to lose weight?

A study conducted in Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, Institute of Biological Sciences, São Paulo State University, Brazil and published by the Nutrition Journal in October 2010 reveals that incorporating olive oil in your weight loss diet can increase your metabolism, thereby increasing the fat-burning rate within your body. In fact, the amount of your energy expenditure, oxygen consumption and the rate of your fat metabolism increase with the intake of olive oil.

How does increased metabolism happen with olive oil intake? You see, olive oil contains phenolic compounds, the substances that may trigger the increased metabolic activity within the body, according to the researchers of this study.

So what are you waiting for, try using olive oil and see how this healthy vegetable oil can help you in your quest to lose weight.


Nutrition Journal; Effects of olive oil and its minor phenolic constituents on obesity-induced cardiac metabolic changes; Ebaid, G. M. et al.; October 2010


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