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NEW YORK (Reuter’s Health) – A small study published by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition early this month has proven that  eating your lunch while playing computer games can actually increase your caloric intake.  According to the researchers who conducted this study, the reason for this increased caloric intake is the decreased memory of the conscious mind to the amount of food the body has taken in.  This results in the less-full feeling of the human body leading to greater caloric intake.

In this study, 44 men and women were divided into groups.  One group was requested to eat in front of the computer and another group was instructed to eat without any distractions.  The result showed that the group who ate their meals while player computer games ate up more cookies compared to those who ate without any disturbance.

Their conclusion? A poor memory of a subsequent meal leads to greater food consumption.

Thus, if you want to have lesser caloric intake, better start eating your meal in silence without any distractions.

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