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[New York, AFP] – New York government officials now focus their attention to sodas and sugary drinks as one of the top causes of obesity in the US. The issue has widely sparked debates ever since.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg affirms on the tax levy saying, “It would save lives, and cut rising health costs.”

Public costs skyrocketing to $7.6 billion of annual obesity-related medical bills are mostly shouldered by taxpayers, and the numbers are in New York State alone.

Responding to this alarmingly high public cost, tax proponents aim to price people away from the soda habit and from the fast food culture of washing down with sodas loaded with extra sugar.

Soft drink industries won’t give up the fight either. J. Justin Wilson, senior research analyst at the soft drinks industry-connected Center for Consumer Freedom, noted that these health arguments are just spurious attempts to sneak taxes on business.

Bottom line: Government tax on sweet beverages is indeed a good motivation to weight loss (whenever self-restraint fails).

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