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PILL FRAUDSTER[Online Clinic UK, March 03, 2010] Just when someone begins to think that he can easily get rich with developing and/or promoting slimming pill scams, think again.

An American was sentenced to jail for 20 years after having been proven guilty for 62 counts of fraud. From 2000 to 2004 he and his partner made over $10 Million from about 130,000 people from sales pitches as “Amazing Fat-Fighting Super Pill Devours FAT!” and “Blast up to 49 pounds off in only 29 days!” While thousands desperately believed these claims and purchased, it was later found out that all of his promotions were based on lies. Most customers were promised to be included in a clinical research, while using some adverts for the Lipoban Clinic featuring a purported Mexican doctor who happened to be unlicensed.

Frank Sarcona was previously convicted for massive fraud involving Slim America, where the mentioned doctor/spokesperson in his promotional campaigns was revealed to be someone suffering from dementia at a nursing home.

US District Judge said that the number of the victims by this scam was “astronomical”. District Attorney Kerry Baron detailed in court how Sarcona made the millions and transferred these to a Bahaman Bank to avoid charges. The money was then ordered forfeited and refunded to over hundred thousands of those who have purchased from his site.

This is yet another case warning the public that no diet pill can ever work as a “magic” solution to cure obesity and promote weight loss. Only proper diet and exercise can make any (legitimate) slimming pill work, and further research is encouraged before taking another purchase.

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