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[BBC News]- Top obesity drugs such as Reductil, Reduxade, Zelium and other trade names in Europe using Sibutramine as a main component has been recommended for suspension by the European Medicines Agency (EMA), which has later been acted upon by the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatroy Agency. Ratification is pending with the European Commission.

Sibutramine works to control cravings by altering chemical messages to the brain.

Suspension came forth after data from the Sibutramine Cardiovascular Outcome Trial (SCOUT) was released saying that the drug increased the risk of serious, though non-fatal, cardiovascular events such as heart attack and stroke. About 10,000 patients taking in Sibutramine were enrolled for up to 6 years in SCOUT to properly determine the effects of Sibutramine pertaining to weight loss, and a large group of which had known or high risks for cardiovascular problems.

“The increased risks of non-fatal heart attacks outweigh the benefits of weight loss of taking this drug.” Dr June Raine of the MHRA notes; further saying that, “Prescribers should not issue any new prescriptions and pharmacists should cease dispensing the medicine. Those currently on Sibutramine should make appointments with their doctors to take alternative weight loss measures as they can stop the medication any time.”

From Abbott who makes the drug, Eugene Sun then issued a statement that “We respectfully disagree with this recommendation as we believe that there are many of those who benefit from Sibutramine,“ and continues that the will promptly act and comply with this recommendation.

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