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Reductil (Sibutramine) – one of the most commonly prescribed weightloss drugs has been banned across Europe for patient safety.

According to health regulators in the UK, the prescription drug can cause heart attacks and strokes.

A European review of the medicine sibutramine, marketed as Reductil in Europe and the US, has concluded that it is potentially dangerous and that anyone taking it should seek alternative ways of losing weight.

Reductil was the drug of choice for doctors, and nearly 330,000 prescriptions were written in Britain in 2008.

But recently a clinical trial involving 10,000 patients during the past six years found that the drug could be tied to an increase of the risk of developing heart problems.

Reductil was only available on prescription for patients who are clinically obese (BMI over 27), who naturally are in a high risk heart disease category. But a previously known heart condition would have excluded patients from taking the drug.

As always, we recommend using natural weight loss supplement combined with a healthy lifestyle, a good diet, and regular exercise for best results.

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