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Despite the efforts being carried out by most Americans to lose weight, it has been shown in a recent study conducted by a group of Harvard researchers and published this month by Plos Computational Biology that obesity in the American population will reach forty-two percent in the 2050.

This computation was based from a behavioral phenomenon that spreads among the population which is much similar to infectious disease.

Based on this study, the rate of acquiring obesity in the American population is two percent per year and this rate is increased by 0.5 point for each obese social contact. With a four percent rate of recovery from obesity, the researchers computed that almost half of the entire American population will be obese within forty-five to fifty years.

For a past few years, obesity rate has remained to be thirty-four percent in American adults according to the surveys conducted by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention.

According to Allison N. Hill, the lead author of this study, “Our analysis suggests that while people have gotten better at gaining weight since 1971, they haven’t gotten any better at losing weight. Specifically, the rate of weight gain due to social transmission has grown quite rapidly.”

“We find that while non-social transmission of obesity remains the most important component in its spread, social transmission of obesity has grown much faster in the last four decades,” says David G. Rand, a co-researcher in this study.

Hill, Rand, and two other researchers, Nowak and Christakis belong to different research divisions of Harvard University.

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