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[BBC News] – US doctors found out that low carbohydrate diets were better in decreasing blood pressure compared to weight loss pills, in a study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine.

Those who received counseling were better off losing their weight and still reducing some of their prior medications than those who didn’t.

About 146 people took part in this study and most of them had varying health problems that may affect their weight loss goals. Research from the Veterans Affairs Medical Centre and Duke University Medical Centre proved that about 47% in the low-carbohydrate diet category were successful in cutting out their blood pressure medication than those on orlistat and a low fat diet who comprised of about 21%, proving the importance of consultation in terms of weight loss and a high blood pressure that may affect the goal.

Though both weight loss methods effectively reduced waist sizes, glucose and cholesterol levels, it was seen however that a low-carbohydrate diet had additional benefits. Good news to those who wanted to lose weight but on blood pressure medication, because it entailed lesser costs and not much side effects.

The Importance of Counseling

The same participants of this study were offered a weight lose consultation programme as well. The only 15 who attended were seen to have lost more weight of about 15% from those who didn’t.

Those who used over the counter drugs without consultation however, were exposed to cardiovascular risks.

The British Heart Foundation noted that this small study only reinforced the message that weight loss, when not taken in with consultation may further expose them to risk factors of stroke or a heart disease.

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